September 2007

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  • 09.27.07
    So here’s what’s going on at The Daydream Generation DAYDREAM GENERATION | (4)
    Hi everyone, hope you are doing mighty fine on whatever planet you are on. Thought I'd update you all on what exactly is going on at The Daydream Generation. Firstly as you may have noticed, we have moved. Again. But as you can see, this format of site was just too good to resist. For the first time, you can register and get involved and say hello. I'll set up a section where everyone can post updates about gigs, or new songs, or... well fuck knows what else, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Further, this sets us up nicely ...
  • 09.26.07
    September 2007 - Please check out the information at the link for DREAMSTREAM 07 the planned online music festival we're attempting to put together. If you're a band or musician and would like to have a pre-recorded set broadcast on the day then please get in touch with us at
  • 09.26.07
    Here is the new site! DAYDREAM GENERATION, UPDATES/NEWS | (8)
    This should enable the DG community to interact on a higher level (hopefully)