October 2007

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  • 10.31.07
    Dreamstream Forum DAYDREAM GENERATION | (110)
    The first ever DREAMSTREAM live online music festival began at 2pm UK time and we played live sets from some brilliant bands, all in different locations around the globe, and each of them making great music across a range of genres. From the bedroom floor, to the studio, from noisy bars to that little tent at the bottom of your back garden, there's guaranteed to be something for everyone, so please take some time and visit the Dreamstream07 link at the top of the page where you can hear how it all happened.4th Nov 07We set up this forum for you to drop in and ...
  • 10.24.07
    Calling All Daydreamers DAYDREAM GENERATION, UPDATES/NEWS | (2)
    So it's almost been a month since we re-re-re-relocated back to daydreamgeneration.com and I thought it was about time I let you all know about the multifarious happenings that are kind of happening - or not happening - behind the scenes:1 Please take some time to vote in the poll filed under "General". Thanks to good old Father Time it looks highly unlikely that we'll be putting out another "regular" (although somehow that word looks a bit odd in the context of what we're doing) daydream generation compilation this year. But rather than let a few months pass with nothing happening, ...
  • 10.24.07
    Best Of The Daydream Generation 2007 DAYDREAM GENERATION, DG COMPILATIONS, RELEASES | (1)
    The Vote for The Best Of The Daydream Generation 2007 has now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted & helped. The final results & full tracklisting will be with you just as soon as we can get our shit together.