November 2007

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  • 11.26.07
    Daydream Generation Merchandise DAYDREAM GENERATION | Comments Off
    Thanks to Tara, it's finally here! Daydream Gear! Help us spread the word and turn on new listeners by sporting a piece of Daydream Generation gear. As always, we are not making a single dime off of any of these products. We just thought it might be fun to have some merch to give your self as a gift, or maybe to give to someone you love. If you see a product that you want but not the design, let us know at daydream dot news (at) gmail dot com. We can make the preferred product and design available for you. Go to: ...
  • 11.16.07
    Support Free Music! COMRADES | Comments Off
    Your Psych Tunes Volume 3:"The Earth Above The Sky Below"
  • 11.16.07
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  • 11.16.07
    Dreamstream 07 – free download CD DAYDREAM GENERATION, DG COMPILATIONS, RELEASES | Comments Off now available if you click on the "Dreamstream 07" link at the top of the page. It features a song from all 22 bands who contributed a live performance to the online music festival, and will hopefully serve either as a great reminder for what was a truly quixodelic happening, or as an alternative to sitting through over 9 hours of music.Full tracklisting:1 UBERFUZZ - Give Me Twenty2 HOLY ROLLER - Spectrum (Here I Come)3 WE ARE THE MARTIANS - Midland4 BROKEN MONO - American Morning5 BECKY N - Echo6 THE WHEELIES - The Sometimes Song7 WARNING! HEAT RAY! - ...