December 2007

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  • 12.23.07
    Best Of The Daydream Generation 2007 Out Today DAYDREAM GENERATION, DG COMPILATIONS, RELEASES | Comments Off
    Just in case anyone missed it. Click on the "BEST OF" link at the top of the site to download for FREE & for more information about the project.
  • 12.13.07
    The votes for the Best Of The Daydream Generation 2007 will be counted at midnight on Saturday 22nd December.After this we will put together the final listing of songs for our last free download of the year. So before it's too late & your favourite band/song doesn't get the recognition they deserve, then please go here: take part in this rare moment of DG democracy.If a band features multiple times at the top end of the list then we'll use their most popular song. If a couple of songs are tied then I'll run them past Smally Jr's ears. For now ...
  • 12.12.07
    Critical Mass: Flying Things vs. Crawling Things COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off album from the musical enigma that is Jon Of The Atom is now available to buy at the above link. I urge you to go and dive headfirst into the crazed aural funfair of melodies that he has woven for fun as if from nowhere...
  • 12.10.07
    What’s Happening Now? DAYDREAM GENERATION, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    It's been over a month since I last reported on the whereabouts and whatabouts concerning whatever it is that The Daydream Generation is, and has been, and is becoming, so I thought I'd give you an update.So the main project we've got on the go is the DG "Singles" which you can get to and listen to via the link at the top of the page. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, or is planning to contribute in the near future. To date there are 7 songs there for you to hear and download for free, the plan ...