January 2008

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  • 01.10.08
    Album Review: THE PEOPLE “Desire, The Devil and the Ghost” REVIEWS | Comments Off
      For such a likeable guy, Gavin Piercy, the songsmith and frontman of Glasgow band The People has the unnerving sound of a musical prophet when he sings his carefully crafted songs. He once candidly confessed that he was resigned to their music remaining in relative obscurity, by the simple fact that they didn’t sit comfortably in any one specific scene, or make music by numbers intended for commercial success. The flipside of course is that by pursuing the vision, and making expressive music on their own terms with the quality of songwriting and musicianship behind the band, that there is ...
  • 01.07.08
    For those of you who are new to this strange little corner of the Internet I'd like to say "erm hello" and "I hope you can find something here to brighten up your ears" and other things like that. And for those of you who have been here before and have returned, I'd like to say that I still don't really know what The Daydream Generation is, or is becoming, but I think it might be better that way. And with the now to be expected directionless opening paragraph out of the way, let's move swiftly onto the bones of ...