February 2008

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  • 02.18.08
    Interview: What The Fuck Happened To Jon of The Atom? COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, INTERVIEWS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS | Comments Off
    Anyone who has followed either The Daydream Generation or Cozy Home Records may have recently wondered what the fuck has happened to Jon of the Atom? The alarm bells perhaps started ringing when his MySpace moniker changed overnight to read "This Is Not Jon Of The Atom". After the surprisingly abstract haphazard musical mess that was Christmas concept album "An Off Day For The Jews Harp Christmas Caroler" in December 2006, JOTA seemed to drop off the radar. Word on the low-fi streets was that he was cooking up something special in the shape of the now much acclaimed "Critical ...
  • 02.12.08
    Commence Countdown, Wake Up!, Wear The DG Badge & other assorted ramblings DAYDREAM GENERATION, MISCELLANEOUS, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    Is it that time already? The last month since I wrestled with font trying to explain what 2008 would hold in store for us seems to have flown in. So before everything goes interstellar over here, I thought I would give anyone who frequents this neck of the woods a heads up aboutwhat is going on behind the scenes:THE DG BADGEOk, here's the deal. We work long unpaid hours mining the Net in search of brilliant music, we clumsily approach bands and artists begging them for songs, and then we generate free daydreams for your ears. And now you ...
  • 02.08.08
    Album Review: THE SHIVAS “Where Have You Gone To” REVIEWS | Comments Off
    If you haven’t yet heard, or heard about Washington's The Shivas, then the chances are that sometime soon you’re going to. Nowhere does the old cliché that sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards fit better than describing what they are doing musically. Here are the sounds of the past, but somehow so obviously the sound of the future that it is impossible not to be blown away by what they’re doing. Wearing their influences blatantly on their young sleeves, The Shivas conjure up the spirit of old legends like The Velvet Underground, The Doors, The Beatles and ...
  • 02.01.08
    Smally’s PC R.I.P UPDATES/NEWS | (1)
      And so it came to pass that at 11.05pm on 27/1/08 my pc finally died.It was a heap of shit from the dark ages, but it served us well facilitating 5 Daydream Generation compilations, numerous Wheelies albums, and an online music festival. But if it had been the family pet then we would have put it out of its misery about a year ago. It's final week was a painful experience - having been intermittedly starting under 20 mins of a hairdrier being blasted into the fan at the back for a couple of months, one day the scrollbars stopped scrolling. The next day speakers blew. ...