March 2008

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  • 03.31.08
    DEAD CANARIES – Critical Mass: Flying Things Vs Crawling Things COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES | Comments Off
    Happy days for the Daydream Underground - together with our good friends at Cozy Home Records, we have great pleasure in introducing the latest manifestation of the mad musical scientist that is Jon of the Atom, in the form of DEAD CANARIES "Critical Mass: Flying Things Vs Crawling Things". This truly extraordinary aural adventure that we've been talking about for what seems like a lifetime can be downloaded from the dgRECORDS link at the top of this page for FREE.You know what to do
  • 03.28.08
    Pleased to Meet the Bordellos REVIEWS | (1)
    First things first, The Bordellos are one of the newer bands and friends of dg with a song on dg4, “My Ex-girlfriend,” a lovely little lo fi number.Listening to Meet the Bordellos was the first time in a while that I was bowled over by a record from a band I knew nothing about other than digging the handful of songs on their MySpace page. It might just be my favorite record of 2007, and most definitely among my most frequently listened to.The Bordellos come from St. Helen’s, a small town in Northwestern England that is oh, so conveniently situated ...
  • 03.27.08
    Here's a pretty in-depth rambling interview I just did with "Lather Rinse Repeat" fanzine re what The Daydream Generation is all about: 1. For the few who haven't heard how this whole thing got off the ground, give us a little background on the project.Oh man, it's funny but even though the DG has only been travelling for little over a year, the beginnings of it somehow feel like a very long time ago. We've packed a whole lot of projects and music into a relatively short space of time and to be honest, things have started to get a ...
  • 03.26.08
    Album Review: ALLAN DOUGLAS “Lipstick Pickup” REVIEWS | Comments Off
    First thing’s first - let’s get straight down to business. You can pick up a copy of Allan Douglas’ “Lipstick Pickup” here at CD Baby: At $12 you’re going to have to dig deep into your pockets, but there’s at least one song on this record that is worth every penny or cent of that cost - a song that deserves a place in every comprehensive catalogue of great music. It seems somehow wrong to start a review at the end of a record, but the 6 or so minutes of final track “Riverside” demands to be written about at ...