June 2008

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  • 06.30.08
    We Apologise For The Temporary Technical Glitch Hitch DAYDREAM GENERATION, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    Normal service with a brand new kick-ass, head-melting, heart-warming compilation will resume just as soon as we can figure out what the fuck is going on. There are many morals to this particular story including - Don't assume an accountant can add up, Think carefully about whether a stoned, drunk man with good ears will necessarily do a straight man with bad ears' job any more efficiently, and of course Good things come to those who wait. Keep checking in, DG5 will be available shortly... Thanks for patiently being patient 
  • 06.28.08
    Splendid Isolation: Episode 6 COMRADES | Comments Off
    Forget about The Magic Roundabout, check out The Splendid Caravan... new podcast available to download from www.myspace.com/splendidisolationI'm away to get my fix.You should too.
  • 06.28.08
    Top Ten: June 2008 DAYDREAM GENERATION, MISCELLANEOUS | Comments Off
    Based on complex mathematical formulae that I'm not sure I even understand myself, factoring in concepts such as ratio of plays to exposure of song, and number of hits via fuck only knows which search engines, here is June's Top 10 most played songs from compilations past and present currenly stored at the DG:1 (New Entry) THE SPACE BETWEEN THINGS - Bare Hands (from DG5)[audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/The Space Between Things - Bare Hands.mp3]http://www.myspace.com/thespacebetweenthings 2 (1) SKIPPER THOMAS - Failed Driver (from DG2)[audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/4-06 Skipper Thomas - Failed Driver.mp3] http://www.myspace.com/skipperthomas 3 (10) TELESCOPE VEHICLE - The Summer Of The Sea (from DG5)[audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/TelescopeVehicle-TheSummerOfTheSea.mp3]http://www.myspace.com/telescopevehicle 4 (2) JENNY PENNY - Jaxson ...
  • 06.26.08