July 2008

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  • 07.30.08
    Top Ten: July 2008 DAYDREAM GENERATION, MISCELLANEOUS | Comments Off
    Another month, another Top 10 for you to feast your ears upon. Congratulations to TELESCOPE VEHICLE for being this month's most played Daydream Generation mp3, and well done to everyone else who stumbled into some of the most prestigious places on the internet. There are a whole batch of Singles still to be posted from DG5, so watch this space as I'm sure it'll be all change again next month.Until then, well just keep doing whatever it is that you like to do. 1 (3) TELESCOPE VEHICLE - The Summer Of The Seafrom DG5[audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/TelescopeVehicle-TheSummerOfTheSea.mp3] 2 (1) THE SPACE BETWEEN THINGS - Bare ...
  • 07.16.08
    Album Review: THE HOA HOA’S “Sonic Bloom” REVIEWS | Comments Off
    If you spend as much time mining the Internet for new music as I do, then you've surely noticed that Canada's Toronto is rapidly becoming the new capital city of the Psychedelic revival. It would be of no surprise to me should curious social historians later discover that the water had been peppered with hallucinogens, or that the mushrooms being sold in Toronto's supermarkets were of the magic variety. Go have a listen yourself - band after band emerging into the light of a brand new day to blow your mind, and at the centre of it all the name ...
  • 07.15.08
    If You Build It They Will Come… But Probably Not All At Once, In Fact It May Be Decidely Slow To Begin With DAYDREAM GENERATION, MISCELLANEOUS, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    And so to the traditional half-monthly babble about all things DG related. What's happening, what's not happening, what we're trying to make happen, what's still not happening, and so and so on.Firstly thanks again to everyone who has downloaded DG5 since it came out a couple of Sunday's ago & for all the positive feedback. It's not going anywhere fast & you can still download it from here:http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e7bd6c08e4cf772fd5a101cf914073b4d2181f8e396ef6b2Because of it's larger than normal size (and audio quality) it's split into 6 manageable parts which in turn can be burned onto 3 lovable discs. So if you've not gotten round to ...
  • 07.06.08
    OUT TODAY!http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e7bd6c08e4cf772fd5a101cf914073b4d2181f8e396ef6b2Featuring: Circuit Breaker, The Abberlines, The Real Burnouts, Wino Riot, Allan Douglas & The Tragedies, Fig Mints, Cody High School, Reels, Drum Machine Dating Service, Dead Canaries, Hopeful Monster, Artback Baker, Uberfuzz, My Electric Love Affair, Telescope Vehicle, Strangers, Jerry Kaline, Tofu Delux, Sleep School, Zebra Mu, The Hoborchestra, The Space Between Things,The People, John Ludington, Michael Wookey, Madison Acid, Becky N, William Carpenter's Family Troubadour, Meghan Geiss, The Revolutionary Patriots, Wisdom Tooth, Nik Rayne, The Sugar Skulls, Ukelilli, Kaleidonauts, Sucks To LaLa Land, Warchalking, The Depravations, The Soft Sunflower, Dylan Gough, Rough Giraffe, Otis Liddy, Ghodbane, Isokon Flats ...