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    1 Ok, so let's cut straight to the quick - what's the difference between Uberfuzz, Rocketships of Love, and The Grosvenor Suite? Uberfuzz is the band I started four years ago in response to there not being enough psychedelic groups in the Rugby area. Rocketships of Love was the result of me wanting to take a back seat vocally and get people I admire to sing covers of songs that I love. It is also born out of my unhealthy obsession with early electronic music like Silver Apples, Kraftwerk and early Joe Meek experimental stuff; so it’s a lot less guitar-led. ...
  • 02.03.09
    Feature: JOSEPH RIDE INTERVIEWS | Comments Off
    As most are aware, it is hard to find music worth listening to and much less worth writing about.   And since you have come to this place, it seems you at least know where to look... and well my friend(s), I have got something good for your ears.  This cat from Italy, calling himself Joseph Ride plays some of the most pleasant psychedelia I have heard in a long time.  Just one guy with an acoustic guitar and some weird feedback.  First time I heard Joseph Ride I thought to myself, man this is the kind of music that people ...
  • 02.03.09
    Becky N: Biography BECKY N, INTERVIEWS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS | Comments Off
    1 When did you start writing/recording music in your present form? About two years ago. I had been playing music for a while but the thought of writing, let alone recording anything I wrote myself seemed like the worst kind of ridiculousness. Eventually I was emotional enough to do it, and in the heat of the moment recorded 'Pink Flowers', my first song. 2 Where did you get your band/artist name from & what does it mean? What's your real name if I can use it? I wish I had a good band name, I'm always trying to think of one but I ...