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  • 03.31.09
    Review: THE SPACE BETWEEN THINGS – Songs About You EP RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
      The last time I felt this way about a debut EP was when Ride dovetailed harmonic white noise into my fifteen year old head like some new configuration of sounds for my life. Then it was the introspective wall of shoegaze, now it is something resembling ghost psychedelics, an intricate tapestry of familiar instruments heard through the tunnel of an aural kaleidoscope. With "Songs About You", The Space Between Things finally begin their ascent into the wider public consciousness, while giant storm clouds of praise no doubt jostle for position in the wings. This is what musical free-climbing sounds like, ...
  • 03.20.09
    In an imaginary back bedroom somewhere on your street, Simon Piler and The Atom Band are hunched around a whirring tape recorder that accidentally captures some process of song. The completed record - "Songs From Home" - is a collision of ideas coagulating to form a wonderfully lo-fi compound of sound. Dylanesque bluesy guitar-led folk runs effortlessly into experimental synthetics, random instruments pipe up long-lost melodies and samples of sound texture sputter on in the background. And all the while Simon Piler sings, intelligent heart-felt poetry, the underbelly of America, politically astute, emotionally aware, and unconsciously different. As compounds go, ...
  • 03.20.09
    Simon Piler and The Atom Band – Songs From Home QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, SIMON PILER | Comments Off
    Simon Piler and The Atom Band Songs From Home download: It's been a while, but finally here we go. 2009, and in association with NEW RADISH, Quixodelic Records are pleased to introduce SIMON PILER AND THE ATOM BAND'S brand new record "Songs From Home". Lo-fidelity experimental folk music for the aimless spring mind, alive with poetry and adventurous sound-stitchery. And FREE of course. I'll stop the superlatives there and save them up for the interview I'm about to write, but why not gift yourself the time and patience it will doubtlessly take to wade through my clumsy sentences and just click the DOWNLOAD button above... Find out ...
  • 03.17.09
    Heads Up! Fig Mints CD Release! COZY HOME, FIG MINTS | Comments Off
    Bobby Rogan of Fig Mints (Of Your Imagination) will be releasing his seventh record (counting the EP featured in the DG store) On Saturday, 28th March. Physical copies of the new album "Exercises In Futility" will be available in a limited pressing of 100 featuring a full color booklet including lyrics. Each will be hand numbered and feature a hand-made collage, found picture, or photograph by Bobby. Go to the show, or email to order. The album will be available for free download (minus booklet and artwork) on Tuesday, 7 April. Details to come later.