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  • 04.28.09
    10 Reasons to Download “YOUR PSYCH TUNES: Vol.7″ COMRADES, RELEASES | Comments Off
    http://www.myspace.com/yourpsychtunes   1 Because it's FREE 2 Just to confirm to yourself that Psychedelia didn't die after all. It just went out into the desert and slipped through the cracks in the earth - and has been making an interstellar spaced out racket underground ever since. 3 Those kids at YOUR PSYCH TUNES sure know how to put a compilation together. They've been doing it for over 2 years and every one of the compilations to date have been a carefully hand-stitched fusion of familiar sounds and brand new bands guaranteed to get inside your head. Chances are if you've only been paying attention ...
  • 04.21.09
    UFC1 Out Today   Ever wondered where to start with the 19 records we've released/co-released or re-released through our very own QUIXODELIC RECORDS? Well wonder no more. For those of you new to this musical curiosity shop of free downloads, then why not try on The Utica Flower Company's first ever sampler (imaginatively titled "UFC1")? A single track  lifted from each of the records, songs I've been listening to far too many times since the first ever Quixodelic Record (Warchalking's "Stratum") burst from The Void in March 2008. Dig on the psychedelic sounds of bands like ROLLERCOASTER, THE ORANGE DROP, UBERFUZZ, CODY HIGH SCHOOL, ...
  • 04.17.09
    Review: SUCKS TO LALA LAND “Well Under Thirty” QUIXODELIC RECORDS, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    The Psychedelic Gods said "Let there be sound", and there was sound. Triptacular, primal, headmelting, sonic melodies that brought them to their knees beneath the holy strobe of kaleidoscopic colour. And The Psychedelic Gods heard it was good - so very fucking fine - but after several triptacular, primal, headmelted, sonic hours of said melodies, they could no longer hear themselves dream and commanded the sound to stop. And stop it did. But then, as they closed their drug-heavy eyelids weighed down with cosmic visions, they heard something within the thick folds of silence, just a guitar and a voice entwined in ...
  • 04.11.09
    Review: THE PAINTED SHUTS – My Own Personal Summer of Love COZY HOME, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, The Painted Shuts;   Smallie Wheelies & Paul Burnout.     The first time I finished listening to My Own Personal Summer of Love, I said to myself, “This is not an album made by experts.” The second time I listened to it, I realized, “No, it is an album made by people.” And right then, I realized it was exactly what I wanted.   With each additional turn in my CD player, I love the recording even more – In no short part for the emotional weight it carries. The songs are saturated with sorrows, but not ...