June 2009

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  • 06.30.09
    Interview: CYP2D6 (by Simon Piler) INTERVIEWS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS | Comments Off
    Hello, human race. Presented before you, we have an interview with CYP2D6 in which he briefly reflects on the generation of his first EP, CYP2D6, and the human roots of creative mythology. You can, of course, download CYP2D6 (and many other great albums, for that matter,) right here: quixodelic-records To learn more about the obscure movies referenced herein: www.zerotrooper.com And listen to more stellar music on his myspace page: defmutedemute And actually read the interview below these three little asterisk guys, here. *** I am curious. How did CYP2D6 even occur in the first place? I had been working on the [film] soundtrack to ‘Dark Island’ and I was getting really ...
  • 06.26.09
    Namu the Disco Whale – CYP2D6 QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES | Comments Off
    Namu the Disco Whale CYP2D6 Out Today! Download it for FREE from our Quixodelic Record Store: here So here's one from left-field. For the first time here's a record by an artist that I can't tell you anything about. A 4-track EP called "CYP2D6" that accidentally fell into my hands and an intense sound adventure full of distortion, samples, bleeps and things you're unlikely to have heard anywhere before. If you're interested in finding out more about Namu the Disco Whale, then all I can suggest is that you hit the search engines and hopefully will have more luck than I did.
  • 06.23.09
    www.therealburnouts.com COZY HOME, RELEASES, THE REAL BURNOUTS, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    www.therealburnouts.com Why not take some time out of your busy lives and click on the link above? Disappear down the rabbit hole of The Real Burnout's universe, with news about a shiny new record - (IN) A WORLD NOT UNLIKE YOUR OWN - videos, words, pictures, and the expected unexpected, you'll be reluctant to ever climb back out again.
  • 06.20.09
    There is so much good free music floating around on the internet that it sometimes feels if you know where to look, that you might never need to buy another record again. But every once in a while an album comes along that is worth putting your hands in your pockets for, and Frogville's "A Bug-Eyed Swamp" is one of those albums. For the price of a packet of cigarettes you can have yourself 11 tracks of psychedelic pop home brew, songs that stick but not as sickly sweet as bubblegum, lo-fi bones but with a shiny studio feel to ...