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  • 07.26.09
    Simon Piler and The Atom Band – ‘Heimdall’ INTERVIEWS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, SIMON PILER | Comments Off
    Out Today! Here's one for your summer-sun-addled minds. Looming in the wake of this year's folklore masterpiece "Songs From Home", Simon Piler and his merry Atom Band are back with an eponymous album recorded in the Florida springtime. Somewhere between folk and experimental, bolstered by samples and strange instrumentation, this collection of songs is  a fascinating jungle of ideas, where the thin line between dreams and reality gets rubbed out in the firey poetry of sound snapshots. You can download it: here I was still so wonderfully perplexed by this record after the fifteenth listen, that I figured the only way to get ...
  • 07.24.09
    The Cardboard Box Set That (Nearly) Never Was COZY HOME, FEATURES | (2)
    The Cardboard Box Set That (Nearly) Never Was Has it really been over two years since I wrote this: PSYCHEDELIC CHRISTMAS... I'll try to make this as brief as possible. After a conversation with Bobby (Fig Mints) I was going to challenge Anton Newcombe (BJM) to an album writing competition - see who could write and record one from scratch in the fastest possible time. Fortunately I checked myself before hitting the send button on the message I tapped out, but I then got to thinking that maybe someone else in the Cozy Home would be up for the same challenge. After speaking ...
  • 07.23.09
    Quixodelic Chronicles QUIXODELIC RECORDS, UPDATES/NEWS | Comments Off
    ...or rather, here's what I am led to believe our remotely disconnected but lovably quixo family are all up to (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong): UBERFUZZ "Uberfuzz currently consists of just Paul & Kelly who are in the beginning stages of a seventh album album. The record has a more dazed, springtime feel to it than previous albums and features several sitar-lead tunes as well as covers of The Rolling Stones 'Play With Fire', 'Summer Wine' by Lee Hazlewood and 'Lonely Avenue' by Ray Charles.' Originally planned as a stripped down guitar/organ/vocal album, it is now multi-layered and ...