August 2009

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  • 08.29.09
    Download it for FREE today! It's been a while, but here we go again. Back from the dead thirty-eight-song-stories high and breathing musical fire, it's the seventh DAYDREAM GENERATION compilation. Everything you'd expect from one of our free compilations - tunes you can shake your sticks at, psychedelic sonnets, folk weirdness, electronic circuitry for the earballs, and things that go pop! in the night. Here are some of the people you might find on there, some you may have heard of before, but even better if you haven't: ROCKETSHIPS OF LOVE, WARCHALKING, AKRYLLIC LOVE, FROGVILLE, JAMES REDMOND, SUCKS TO LALA LAND, WHITE ...
  • 08.29.09
    CLLCT COMRADES | Comments Off Sometimes it takes something vanishing for you to realise how amazing it was. Thankfully after months in the desert of a distant dream, CLLCT is back. This is a must check-out for all DIY artists, supporters of free music, orphans of circumstance, and people who love discovering new sounds. I'd encourage anyone involved in the Daydream Generation projects and Quixodelic Records to check it out and get involved. Hopefully will see you over there sometime. Smally