February 2010

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  • 02.18.10
    FailedSitcom – Of Life’s Declivity/Her Blameless Mystery FAILEDSITCOM, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | (3)
    download: [download#50#nohits] download: [download#51#nohits] It's not often I have to run to catch a musical bandwagon, but for this one I really had to sprint. I've been championing CLLCT a LOT in the last few months, but this guy and his music is a single-handed shining example why this little DIY goldmine is already outsinging corporate giants like MySpace and LastFM. It would seem that most people over at CLLCT know, and have known how great a songsmith and soundsmith FailedSitcom is for quite some time. But try googling "Failed Sitcom music" and you'll be scrolling through page after page of homages ...
  • 02.18.10
    Say hello to the newest member of the Quixodelic Collective - FailedSitcom. You may have stumbled across his unique blend of folk and electronic beats over at CLLCT, or even caught the really cool 'Mortlake' on DG8. But for those of you who haven't heard of him (and even for those of you who have), I threw some pretty random questions his way to find out a little bit more. DG - Where did you get the name FailedSitcom from? FS - It comes from a song called “The Toss and Turn” by the rapper Pedestrian, there’s a line in it where ...
  • 02.11.10
    DAYDREAM GENERATION 8 - OUT TODAY Free Download: 38 tracks of the finest lo-fi folk pop psychedelic electronica and 'other' we could find from great little bands & artists & uke-strumming urchins all around the globe in two neat zip files of mp3s. Enjoy. CLICK HERE And here we go again. It's been very nearly three years since the words "Daydream Generation" jumped into my head triggering the endless quest to go out and find the very best undiscovered DIY music there was to find, to cook the songs together in a couple of sizzling zips and serve them up to you on ...
  • 02.04.10
    Dead Canaries – Golden Sounds / Modern Day Carpetbagger COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, RELEASES | (6)
    Two for the price of none. Download DEAD CANARIES GOLDEN SOUNDS and MODERN DAY CARPETBAGGER at http://cozyhomerecords.com/08/artists/dead-canaries/ for free Jon of the Atom and his travelling band of musical troubadours return like migrating free-form birds with two brand new albums - 'Golden Sounds' a year-long continuation of the upwards musical trajectory and an epically wretched record to make, and 'Modern Day Carpetbagger' apparently written and recorded over 'a long weekend reading John Wilmot'. As always I go into these recordings with my eyes closed, fully expecting the unexpected from the 'bastard child of Beck and Brian Wilson.' Continue Reading...