March 2010

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  • 03.30.10
    Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) – The Well Worn Road COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, VIDEOS | (4)
    A bored and drunk Bobby Rogan plays this timeless classic from his last record 'Exercises In Futility', and also good old Daydream Generation 1. Fig Mints have loads of good stuff on their site including a video for shiny new song 'What Happened To Holiday?' - go show some love to the little guy at: (*never underestimate your own popularity, dig?)
  • 03.26.10
    What The Fuck Is Going On? QUIXODELIC RECORDS, UPDATES/NEWS | (2)
    Spring in my grey part of the universe, that's what. Little green buds at the ends of branches and ideas stirring on the stalks of brains. Historically this has been the most productive time of the year for us in the imaginary basement. March 2007 saw the first ever Daydream Generation compilation hit the ground running like a sack of bricks dropped from a wayward helicopter. March 2008 saw the formation of Quixodelic Records and us dabbling in full-length releases from some of the nicest and most talented people you'll likely never meet. Spring 2009 I suggested to everyone that ...
  • 03.18.10
    The Falling Floors - s/t download: [download#52#nohits] Listen to I Wanna Be Your Friend: [audio:] Every so often a band comes along and completely blows you away. The Falling Floors are one of those bands. It didn't happen straight away for me. I first head from this Manchester psychedelic-pop outfit back in late 2008 when they contributed 'If You Say No' to Daydream Generation 5. It was a spiky, upbeat little anthem of feelgood guitar pop music, something plucked from 1966 full off 'ooh-la-la's' and a melody so infectious that it was almost shameful. It hinted at good things, but it took a lot ...
  • 03.12.10
    Quixodelic Everywhere DAYDREAM GENERATION, UPDATES/NEWS | (2)
    It's a brave new world and we're embracing it from behind the safety of a computer screen. You can now catch up, stay ahead of, and get involved with the Daydream Generation and Quixodelic Records in the following places... CLLCT The hub of free music. That big warehouse in the middle of a field you go to in secret to dance to ukeleles and drone and other genres that will make your eyeballs pop out of their sockets. Hundreds of artists and thousands of records at the click of a button for nothing. And now all 8 of the DG compilations are ...