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  • 04.29.10
    Simon Piler and The Atom Band – ‘Garden’ and ‘A DISASTER’ QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, SIMON PILER | (1)
    download: [download#58#nohits] download: [download#59#nohits] Two records long overdue in the Quixodelic Record Store, finally available for you to download as zips for free. It is no secret how much I wholeheartedly dig the music of Simon Piler and The Atom Band. 'Songs From Home', 'Heimdall', and 'KINGTIME' are musical adventures, heavy on substance and sprinkled with palatable and mischievous experimental bluesy-folk dust. Now add to that ever expanding catalogue, 'Garden' (2007), and 'A DISASTER' (Unknown) - both records have their own counterpart plays as handy pdf's tucked away neatly with the downloads, and are essential listening for anyone who enjoyed the last ...
  • 04.14.10
    download: [download#57#nohits] Listen to Same Mistake and Catch Us: [audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/SameMistakeandCatchUs.mp3] This record has been floating around on CLLCT for a couple of months now, so you may have already had the pleasure of hearing it. Me, I waited for a bit of breathing space before feeding it into my ears. I wanted to wait for a gap so as I could give it my full attention, really because I felt like it deserved nothing less. Of course I'd already heard the excellent and lyrically complex 'Ilium Bromide' on DG7, and been completely knocked out by the simply beautiful uke song 'Psycholicopter' on DG8 ...
  • 04.07.10
    Interview: Lenn9o9n INTERVIEWS, LENN9O9N, QUIXODELIC RECORDS | (2)
    And so to boldly go where no obscure lo-fi music blog has gone before: an interview with David Charleston aka Lenn9o9n. You've heard the music (see 'Relining Coffins' below) now have a sneak peek through the keyhole into the brain of the man behind it... DG: Probably an obvious question, but where did the inspiration for the name Lenn9o9n come from? "One after 909" is one of the first songs he wrote as a teenager. I don't idolize him, I just empathize with his ambitions, torment, love, anger. DG: When did you start writing music and why? 2003. I think the Brian Eno quote ...
  • 04.05.10
    Lenn9o9n - Relining Graves download: [download#56#nohits] Listen to Alli: [audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/Lenn9o9n-Alli.mp3] From the first time I heard Lenn9o9n cover The Beatles' 'Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey' I knew I was listening to something quite extraordinary. Everybody knows that the synthesizer maimed popular music in the 1980s, but here was somebody who might actually make you rethink electronic pop music completely. Not from choice, but necessity (think a 26 year old American travelling the globe with a keyboard strapped to his back, currently alighting in Italy), with the exception of impassioned vocals drenched in precision effects, electronic beats and synthetic melodies are ...