May 2010

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  • 05.27.10
    Out Today! A new album by the one and only James Lee Redmond... Free download at Quixodelic Records here: Listen to 'Weekend Train': [audio:] Every generation needs its heroes. Most of mine were doing their thing half a century ago, forging melodies, splashing paint, and building mad roads of word. It is a rare thing indeed to be able to call one of your peers a genuine hero, but for me, James Redmond is exactly that. It feels like half a century has passed since I was first pointed in the direction of Dirty Ticket with their tongue-in-cheek two-minute synth-pop song brand of musical ...
  • 05.14.10
    The Quixodelic Record Store QUIXODELIC RECORDS, UPDATES/NEWS | (2)
    Open for business at: And if you want to help get the word around, then you're welcome to post this quixo-button on your myspace (or whatever space you've got): <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /></a></p>
  • 05.05.10
    The Falling Floors – Live THE FALLING FLOORS, VIDEOS | (1)
    Live improvised set by The Falling Floors at the Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester, September 2009 Filmed by John Hancell