June 2010

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  • 06.07.10
    2nd Fanfare For Elephant 6 RELEASES | (1)
    http://cllct.com/release/2ndfanfareforelephant6 "This is the 2nd (Annual) Fanfare for Elephant 6, a logical continuation of the infamous Fanfares for Neutral Milk Hotel. As the result of a few months of constant labor from all those involved (38 unique artists), this collection is quite a colossus (40 tracks, over 2 hours). I entreat you to lose yourself anywhere within and return a more psychedelic person. Many thanks to the artists of the Elephant 6 Collective for the inspiration." - EAB (Impaled Peach) Listen to and/or download the 2nd E6 fanfare, orchestrated by Ed, with a healthy sprinkling of some of your favourite Quixodelicists covering ...
  • 06.04.10
    Gingavitis – Crutixy COMRADES, TRANSATMOSPHERIC | Comments Off
    http://transatmospheric.com/site/crutixy/ For those of you into seriously loud, curiously sinister, and wonderfully weird electronica, check out 10 years of Gingavitis cassettes available to listen to and for free download over at TRANSATMOSPHERIC.
  • 06.03.10
    A Quixodelic Record #3 QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | (1)
    A Quixodelic Record #3 - Download it for free today! Here: http://quixodelic.com/site/category/quixodelic-records-sampler/ An unexpected something to kick-start or wind-down your summer. 'A Quixodelic Record #3' takes off where UFC1 and UFC2 left off, gathering most of your favourite Quixo-urchins under one roof to do what they do best - sing their little hearts out. Month on month since we started The Daydream Generation and built our own net-label, visitors to the site have slowly and surely been a-growing in numbers. Hopefully for those of you new to this corner of the internet, this sampler of bands/songwriters whose albums are available as free ...
  • 06.02.10
    Zombie Girlfriend Hospital Attack Force REVIEWS | (2)
    http://cllct.com/art/zombiegirlfriendhospitalattackforce Were it possible to favourite your favourites on CLLCT, then these twin towers of weird psychedelic sunshine sublimity, would certainly be up there. It takes a lot to get me to write about anything outwith the Quixodelic circle, but some things demand to be written about, and this is one of them, so I'll see what I can do in the short space of time I've got to do it. Self-professed 'bastard child of Brian Wilson and Peewee Herman', Zombie Girlfriend Hospital Attack Force isn't just a mouthful, but a rollercoaster ride of sounds and songs that will illuminate your starry ...