July 2010

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  • 07.26.10
    There have been moments in the last three and a half years I have beaten my head against an invisible brick wall, but always, just around the corner is a little moment of genius. Here, two of the most talented folks I've stumbled across accidentally combine in two minutes of comedy. Jon of the Atom (Dead Canaries, America) makes a film with a soundtrack courtesy of James Redmond (Dirty Ticket, UK). Goes to show that people aren't so different wherever you go, and even beating your head against invisible brick walls is sometimes worth it.
  • 07.17.10
    Warchalking – s/t QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, WARCHALKING | Comments Off
    Download it for FREE at: quixodelic.com/site/category/warchalking/ Listen to 'Diving Bell': [audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/Warchalking-DivingBell.mp3] Finally... The debut Warchalking record, written and recorded during 2007, now available as a free download zip at the link above. Continue Reading...
  • 07.10.10
    motherBIRD – How To Believe MOTHERBIRD, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Out Today Download it for free at: quixodelic.com/site/category/motherbird/ Listen to 'Blasphemy': [audio:http://www.daydreamgeneration.com/MP3/Blasphemy.mp3] I know what I like and I always like it. That's why every so often I have to throw myself from the same old train to crash-land in the undergrowth of something completely different - something that pushes boundaries, that breathes poetry from the gut - something much, much darker. motherBIRD is all of those things... burning at the heart of the moonspun forest, fluttering always up ahead, out of reach, far enough away to be forever unidentifiable, mysterious, unfathomable, and impossible to catch in the jar of a few paragraphs. But ...
  • 07.09.10
    What do you think our DIY music ezine should be called?survey software 13th July - Thanks to everyone who suggested names. Above is a short-list picked by a panel of gophers high on life in a secret underground bunker on the moon. Please help us ONE LAST TIME by voting for your favourite name. Poll will close when the gophers are satisfied there is a clear winner. Continue Reading...