December 2010

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  • 12.23.10
    The Best of The Daydream Generation 09/10 DAYDREAM GENERATION, DG COMPILATIONS, RELEASES | (2)
    Free download: So here it is. The final page in the last chapter of the Daydream Generation, a 30-song compilation called 'The Best of The Daydream Generation 09/10'. Thanks to a terrible year in 2009, we only managed to put together one compilation and the traditional 'Best of...' felt pretty pointless. Now, with three DG compilations in 2010, as well as three Quixodelic Record samplers to choose from, this one has been the most difficult to put together yet. So difficult in fact that I couldn't even narrow it down to a single CD of songs. The first 23 tracks were ...
  • 12.16.10
    Free download: So here we are, at The End. Nearly four years ago when this little project started I really thought that the possibilities were limitless. Nine compilations, hundreds of songwriters, and thousands of minutes of music later, I still haven't given up on the idea that mix-tapes can save the world. Just they won't be my mix-tapes. But before we go, here's a penultimate collection of 38 tracks, some new, some old, some fragile, some bold, some voices and sounds you will recognise from compilations before, and a few who are new for your listening pleasure. Daydream Generation 10 is the ...
  • 12.08.10
    Review: Dressed Like Wolves – I Could Walk On Water, But I’d Rather Part The Sea REVIEWS | Comments Off Perhaps it's best to begin with what is one the most beautiful album titles I've seen in years: I Could Walk On Water, But I'd Rather Part The Sea. Let's unpack that a second and look at what it drives at. "I could do something pretty cool that will wow and amaze and possibly frighten any passers-by, but I prefer something more difficult so I can walk through the mud while doing so." This is why this is also the most precise album title I've seen in years. What Dressed Like Wolves colluders Rick and Matt created is ...