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    It’s Official – Fig Mints (Still Alive) COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, UPDATES/NEWS | (3)
    Oooooooh - nice cover! Plucked fresh from thefigmints.com - Bobby updates on the new record and other undertakings: Don’t count the Fig Mints out! Say Okay has been hung up in tracking and mixing for the better part of 2010, but it’s finally done! Mastering and duplicating are the only tasks left at hand, and barring any cataclysmic event, release is slated for March of this year. Keep yr eyes on this space for further details. In other news, there are two more Figs albums in the works this year; one of which will probably see the light of day before the summer, ...
  • 01.07.11
    Rocketships of Love – UFC Space Soundtrack (Book 2) QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | Comments Off
    Download it for free here: http://quixodelic.com/site/category/rocketships-of-love/ Listen to it here: http://theuticaflowercompany.wordpress.com/soundtracks/ Rocketships of Love - UFC Space Soundtrack (Book 2) by quixodelicrecords We make our way up to the Recording Studio. Whirrping, Clankzap, Thumpslash, and Rattlerattle seem to have the biblical flood in the Quixodelic garden under control, and are busy fastening down some translucent insulation panels in a tunnel around the collapsed aft mast, effectively cutting off the garden from the rest of the ship. ‘Any idea what caused the flood?’ I ask them as we step from the mast onto the sodden corridor outside the Recording Studio. ‘Clankzap’ says Clankzap. ‘Clankzap ...