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    Syd Lane Gig – Dublin, May 18th SYD LANE, UPDATES/NEWS | (1)
      A little birdie tells me: 'Syd has been asked by Jonathan Donohoe of Mercury Rev to open for them at their "Deserters Songs" show in Dublin on May 18th at Vicar Street. Obviously this will be her biggest gig to date and something to cherish through the long lonely nights of making the records she has no choice but to make.' Oh to be a Dubliner. Or to have a fancy private jet. Or even a hot air balloon and a knowledge of wind currents. For those of you lucky enough to be or own and have any of the above, then scootle yourselves down ...
  • 03.08.11
    Syd Lane – Hypatia RELEASES, REVIEWS, SYD LANE | (1)
    Free download: 2011 is shaping up to be a vintage year... Rocketships of Love, Simon Piler, Fig Mints on the horizon, possibly some Burnouts, maybe even (gulp) a Warchalking record. And now, straight out of left field with flowers in its hair, a spring in its determined step, and more magical melodies than the laws of physics deems is possible to be contained on one record, is something truly brilliant. Of course I'm talking about 'Hypatia', the latest offering from the inimitable Syd Lane. The big question for me was 'How can anything possibly top It Begins In Beauty?' and sturdier ...