April 2011

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  • 04.15.11
    Syd Lane – Solstice RELEASES, REVIEWS, SYD LANE | (1)
    Free download: sydlane.bandcamp.com/album/solstice Syd Lane has done it again. While some songwriters furiously vomit up hours of garbage in the hope that something, anything redeemable might happen, and others sit chewing on their guitar strings waiting for inspiration, she has been quietly amassing an increasingly awesome body of songs, honing and refining them until, like golden apples they are ready to drop from the tree. 'Solstice' is the second apple of a whirlwind year but three months old. Already we have seen the utterly compelling 'Hypatia' make all the right ripples in the deep end of the pond. Everyone I know who has ...
  • 04.15.11
    Uberfuzz.. Live Now!! QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | Comments Off
    quixodelic.com/site/uberfuzz-live-now/ Ever wished you could go and get your head frazzled by the one and only Uberfuzz, but you can't because they live in Rugby, and that's like... thousands of miles away from wherever you are? Well now, through the power of free digital downloads you can (sort of) be there. Just follow the link, grabbing classic Uberfuzz tracks like 'Epistle to a Wayward Mother' and 'Oh, Child' on your way, close your eyes and imagine you are there while Paul and Kelly do all the work. Believe me, it really works!
  • 04.14.11
    Dressed Like Wolves – Sometimes You’ve Got To Stop Caving And Melt RELEASES, VIDEOS | (1)
    Finish My Fucking Album (A Dressed Like Wolves Film) from Rick Dobbing on Vimeo. Dressed Like Wolves have got a new album out and if you're a fan of lo-fi bedroom pop then you should download it for free while you can. These guys are really great at what they do with folky instrumentation, brilliant lyrics beautifully sung, and minimal, but perfect production. Check out their neat little promo video while you're there. If this is the future of music, then we're heading in the right direction. dressedlikewolves.bandcamp.com/album/sometimes-youve-got-to-stop-caving-and-melt
  • 04.12.11