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  • 07.26.11
    Impaled Peach – Impaled Peach IMPALED PEACH, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download: quixodelic.com/site/impaled-peach/ It's been a while so you know this must be important. Remember Impaled Peach and his 'Helicobbler' EP from early last year? 8 songs of melancholy pop goodness, oddities thrown together in the shape of a record, completely unplanned and yet brilliantly coherent. Well this time he's only gone and done it again, but full-album length this time around, a staggering 17 track masterpiece, completely unplanned and yet... if this record wasn't designed to fall together like this, then it really should have been. Design is the key to describing what Ed (the guy behind the music) does. Songs are ...