November 2011

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  • 11.24.11
    Syd Lane – With Your Shield Or On It RELEASES, REVIEWS, SYD LANE | Comments Off Both Sides Now by Syd Lane A couple of nights ago I felt like going out and finding me some new music, but then I remembered how I skim-listened to Syd Lane's 'Solstice' from earlier this year (having still been immersed in the wonderful 'Hypatia' which fell from the clouds the month previous). And lo and behold, what should I find, but this... 'With Your Shield Or On It' - an album that (like everything she does) deserved a fanfare, but instead flew out under the radar on the wrong side of twilight. 17 new songs in the style of Syd, the ...
  • 11.14.11
    Just the sort of thing to shake up your winter blues: HANDWITHLEGS return with an 8-track album of new songs, a fuzzy, fucked-up fusion of electronica, bad-ass drums, and distorted vocals, all fed back and forth across a floor of effects pedals. First track 'NYA' is arguably one of the finest tunes to have originated from Planet HWL, so give it a spin and see what you think. It's free to hear and download, and only buttons on itunes.