October 2012

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  • 10.25.12
    Impaled Peach: “Snug Rungs” IMPALED PEACH, RELEASES, REVIEWS | (4)
    Free download: impaledpeach.bandcamp.com/album/snug-rungs After 2010's eclectic collection of infectious lo-fi psych-pop songs "Helicobbler", and 2011's adventurous and accomplished 17-track self-titled debut, The Impaled Peach aka E. A. Bartholomew aka Ed, is back with a 7-song mini-album called, "Snug Rungs", so nifty and fitting a title that if you chant it over and over under your breath, it just about turns into a palidrome reflected in a circus mirror. As you can see, the cover art is leafy to look at, like that Animal Collective record, but without the migraine-inducing effects, and yes it hints at the folksy, natural rhythms that you will ...
  • 10.22.12
    Jeremiah James, “I Was Never A Loner. I Am Merely Aloof” RELEASES, REVIEWS | (1)
    Free download: jeremiahjames1.bandcamp.com/ Jeremiah James made a record while I was locked away and I promised I would listen to it as soon as I got the chance. Now, several months later, the records I need to lend my ears to are stacking up. so I had to make a start somewhere and I decided to start here. Jer is the sort of guy who has always done his bit for other people's music, including my own, so effectively our lo-fi musical revolution is owe him this much at least. I first became aware of Jeremiah James as one half of Dublin's "The ...