November 2012

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  • 11.12.12
    Dead Canaries – “Bird Peach” COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download: Ah Jon Fink, Jon Fink, Jon Fink. Like a grizzly and slightly mad, but not quite mad enough to be unlovable, 21st century superheroic musical Robin Hood, missing since early 2010, he pops up suddenly in the middle of an epic culminating battle sequence on the outskirts of the little village, his merry band of Dead Canaries, scattered here, there, and everywhere somewhere behind him. I've spoken many times about my admiration of Jon and what he does, so I'll not go over old ground, but "Who are these merry little helpers?" I hear you ask. Well, to be honest, I don't ...
  • 11.09.12
    The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) – Pretend to be Proud COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download/listen: Feels like a long while since anything new issued from planet Fig Mints (of Your Imagination), so it's always welcome to hear from Bobby Rogan, master of self-deprecating philosophic wordsmithery and psychedelic-punk guitar riffs. After checking, I see we got two full albums in May 2009 - the cacophonous hazy highly-strung romp that was "Say Okay" and the much looser, rapidly recorded "Songs For My Friends and Those Girls", so yip, this 5-track EP "Pretend To Be Proud", a taster of an imminent full-length record, is like a bus bang on schedule on a shitty rainy day. One of these days I'm ...