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An unexpected something to kick-start or wind-down your summer. ‘A Quixodelic Record #3′ takes off where UFC1 and UFC2 left off, gathering most of your favourite Quixo-urchins under one roof to do what they do best – sing their little hearts out. Month on month since we started The Daydream Generation and built our own net-label, visitors to the site have slowly and surely been a-growing in numbers. Hopefully for those of you new to this corner of the internet, this sampler of bands/songwriters whose albums are available as free downloads in our Quixodelic record store will point you in the direction of some music you might like. The thing I love most about this particular project is that as well as being talented and/or original musicians, the people behind these songs are without exception some of the loveliest folk you’re likely to meet on your virtual travels. On the right of the page there are links to their various websites, so if you like what you hear then please take a few minutes to drop by and say hello and tell them what you think. Okay, so without further ado, here are 16 paragraphs about the songs that make up Quixo-3:


Three years ago Paul Burnout, Bobby Fig Mints, Arthur Rules and I wrote the original UFC record about a secret basement beneath a flower shop ‘where revolutionary people meet and records play for your soul’. On the 1st May 2009 the Quixodelic collective turned the concept into a fictional reality, setting sail on an imaginary ship called The Mardi, and writing a book/blog of our adventures over the last 13 months. The Mardi finally sailed off the edge of the world on April 14th 2010, and the four surviving members of the Flower Company – myself, Simon Piler, Becky N, and a tundra fiend called ‘W’ were cut adrift on a weird little dinghy with ‘The Ark’ penned on its side. With nothing but some conveniently salvaged musical instruments and our frazzled imaginations to keep us going, we drifted and wrote some songs. ‘Shark Ark’ is one of them, written by Becky for the soon to be (hopefully) finished epilogue record entitled ‘The Utica Flower Company 2.0′. Thankfully we are all now safely back in our own brains.

THE REAL BURNOUTS – Get Behind The Wheel And Shift It

One of my favourite Burnouts songs of all time, taken from the legendary ‘Transparent Mirror’ record, released by Cozy Home Records way back in 2005 (cozyhomerecords.com). The first time I heard this song it was live on the radio, mad brilliant voices recounting a comical tour of Rongovia before launching into an acoustic version of ‘Get Behind The Wheel…’ There were so many things about it that made perfect sense; the catchy melody, the surreal lyrics, the feel-good energy driving it along, and the realisation that music doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be completely perfect. I hope it is as life-changing for you as it was for me.

SYD LANE – Only A Dream

**Breaking News** Syd Lane has a drum kit. For fans of her soaring, soulful psychedelic ballads this is an interesting development. Presently locked away in her castle in the sky writing and recording a new album, the word on the virtual street is to expect something epic, and if this first glimpse is anything to go by, then the word sounds like it knows what it is talking about. ‘Only A Dream’ is everything we’ve come to expect from this multi-talented poet-singer-songwriter… plus drums.

FROGVILLE – Just Like Sunday

If the download numbers are anything to go by, then it would seem that finally perhaps the world is rightly switching on to Frogville’s 2009 pop-psych masterpiece ‘A Bug-Eyed Swamp’. And so, with Jason promising a second record/six-headed monster sometime in the not too distant future called ‘MK Ultraphonic?’, now’s as good a time as any to revisit one of the highlights from the first album – ‘Just Like Sunday’ – two minutes and thirteen seconds of just kicking around in sunshine melodies and diggable songsmithery.

KALEIDONAUTS – Suspended Animation

Unreleased track from ‘I Do Not Currently Own A Spaniard (Mine Died)’. I wrote this with Jon of the Atom in early 2007 and it was dropped from the record after he decided he didn’t like his music on it. We tried remixing it again in 2008, but it still wasn’t working, and I tried to resuscitate it once more in 2009 attempting to put together the long-lost third Kaleidonauts record ‘K2′. That all said, as much as it’s a lost cause of a song, and this original version involves my clumsy mixing, people who have heard it seem to like it, so now seems like as good a time as any to finally put it out there. Sorry Jon.


Having very recently been revived from a technicolour time-capsule buried under Carnaby Street in 1966, Manchester’s psychedelic-popsters The Falling Floors are thawing out working on a 7″ single and a third album scheduled to be released on cassette through the newly formed Chamber Records. ‘Eucalyptus’ is (possibly probably) my favourite track from 2008′s self-titled debut (it’s just there are a lot of definitely definitely great songs on there), like an apple that has fallen not so far from the Pet Sounds tree, and a perfect introduction to this band for you to sink your teeth into.

LENN9O9N – I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For

Honestly, I wanted to put Lenn9o9n’s lo-fi gem ‘Nina’s Paw Got Stuck’ on here for a number of reasons: A. It’s great, B. People really like it, and C. It shows a completely different side to his predominantly synth-orientated recordings. But as always the artist knows best, so instead we have the seriously short, but also seriously brilliant ‘I Hope You Find…’ and there is no denying that: A. It’s REALLY great, B. People are going to love it, and C. It is Lenn9o9n at his electronic best.


Soundtrack from a flight to the moon. The actual moon. It took me a few listens to fall in love with this song, but now whenever I look up at the starry sky I hear the ‘Space Bottom’ accordion hum its meandering notes and everything seems just that little bit more magical. Think our very own lo-fi ‘Space Oddity’, previously only available as a loop on a wrecked Fish Rocket that fell into the void. Simon says: “I’m glad to have a chance to say hello, as I’ve relocated once again. I’m back up in the crisp wilderness of interior Alaska these days, and certainly learning a thing or two about lupine. I burned my tongue on gunpowder tea. I burned my eyes on a blood moon swinging-apocalyptic through the dusky 3 AM skies. Songs keep putting out buds on my windowsill, so I’ve been making simple facsimiles with my newly re-forged Music Journal. That being said, of course, my first and foremost energies are focused on the mixing, mastering and packaging of the second Utica Flower Company album. It’s hard for me to comment on exactly how that makes me feel, but there is certainly a component of inside-outness to it. As if someone left open the back door to my brain. An alternate EXIT. I suspect I’ll be trying a few more special re-releases from my catalogue on CLLCT. I think it’s about time to bring ‘Short Score’s Album’ and the ‘Test EP’ back up to the surface of the reflecting pool. (My page is right here: http://cllct.com/art/simonpilerandtheatomband )”


Bobby Rogan finally seems to have the balance right. While he continues to keep one eye on the Cozy Home, new record ‘Say Okay’ is brewing in the studio, and a Fig Mints album of covers has also been pencilled in for the summer. Three new songs have already been written for another record, tentatively called ‘Bad Age For The Underdog’. This track here, ‘Me And My Brain’ is an out-take from ‘Say Okay’, cut because ‘it wasn’t loud enough to fit in with the rest of the songs’. It is classic Fig Mints – astutely goofy, musically infectious, and well worth a couple of minutes of your time.

JAMES REDMOND – Lonely World

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the new James Redmond album ’3′ so far. Considering how good it is, there’s not nearly enough of you, but hopefully this little glimpse of beat-pop will be enough to convince a few more to follow the crumbs. ‘Lonely World’ is the closing track on the record, somehow upbeat and poignantly melancholic at the same time, the sound of a songwriter at the top of his game. All I am saaaaying… is give ’3′ a chance…

THE WHEELIES – A Question Mark of Stars

This song might sound a lot like me, but I can assure you it’s not. Salvaged from a plastic bag in a secret compartment above the cupboard in Bunkroom 2 on that imaginary ship again, it was written and recorded by a ghost in a ragged fox costume called Willoughby Toad. Like the ship, he’s long gone, but since I found the cassette, I figured I might as well put my name to it. Unlikely to ever be released anywhere else. Thanks Willoughby.

WARCHALKING – Let’s Start A Country

Too good a version of this song for it to not be available somewhere on the internet. Written and recorded for Kaleidonauts ‘Tigermouse’ album in the summer of 2008, this was Warchalking’s first take having written the words around my song idea. Stripped down from the finished ‘Let’s Start A Country’ that featured both Jane Gilmore and myself on vocals, this is the stark VU-esque version that blew me away when I first heard it. It also gives you a glimpse of what it must be like to hear Warchalking perform it live. Lucky fuckers of Cape Girardeau take note.


Put me at the pick-and-mix stand and I’m always going to start with fizzy cola bottles. ‘Mail From You’ is the fizzy cola bottle from Brendon’s 2009 contribution to ‘The Invisible Box-Set’. As albums go, ‘Sacrifice’ is about as diverse as it gets – folk, pop, funk, spoken word Beat poetry, ballads, electronica – very nearly imploding with styles and ideas. So that’s why I’m playing it safe and choosing fizzy 60s pop, a little bit Beatlesy, with brilliant frazzled vocals that are guaranteed to stick to your teeth.


From Sam on ‘Cafe Oto’: “An attempt at mixing field recordings with traditional melodies. All the drum sounds (as well as the more “wobbly” synth sound) come from some recordings I made in the cafe which the songs takes its name from. It’s not great I’m afraid…”

From me to Sam: “What?! Not great?! It’s bloody brilliant. It clatters and clanks. It rolls and sparkles. Is it winter? Is it summer? Is it spring? Autumnal? Or, like the song itself, a little bit of every season in harmony? Crockery and lullabies. Coffee pots and hip hop. What’s there not to love about that?”

UBERFUZZ – Hello Satan

Man, I forgot how much I dig this song. ‘Hello Satan’ is Uberfuzz firing on all cylinders, the twin engines of Le Keux and Storer going for the jugular with a riff-led riot of psychedelic-blues. As songs go, it doesn’t get much more bad ass than this tale of walking with a devil that ‘looks like Johnny Cash’. Taken from 2007′s brilliant ‘Drowning In Honey’, songs like this are the reason why all six Uberfuzz records are essential listening for fans of fuzz.


Last but by no means least, THE Dead Canaries masterpiece ‘Bird Peach’. Like The Beatles medley at the end of Abbey Road, or The Stone Roses ‘I Am The Resurrection’, every credible band should have a ten minute epic song like this. From boy/girl motown pop to fiddle-enhanced blues, and from Radiohead experimental guitar freak outs to its catchy rolling indie encore, ‘Bird Peach’ is an EP in itself, Jon of the Atom throwing everything – including the kitchen sink – at it. And it’s absolute genius.


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  • On 06.05.10 FailedSitcom said:

    I love how samplers give you an idea of where to begin with a record label, the amount of music available becomes less overwhelming and you get an idea of which artists are most suited to your personal tastes.

    Listening to this sampler however, the amount of artists I still need to listen to properly remains exactly the same, just more urgently than I had to before.

    And thanks for the kind write-up Smally (not to mention putting all of this together).