“This is what happens when people try and do things together…” – The Chief

What is The Daydream Generation?

In March 2007 we began putting together 160 minute compilations of songs from various mainly unsigned bands whose music we loved. To begin with it was just a fun and interesting experiment, like making modern day mix-tapes of  MP3′s and giving them away for free. The success of the compilations led us to stumble through a number of other side-projects including a live online music festival (‘Dreamstream 07′), podcasts and a singles project, a musical maze (oh why didn’t anyone stop me!?), an Invisible Box-Set (actually invisible) and eventually - QUIXODELIC RECORDS - hosting records by unsigned bands and artists who had previously contributed to the compilations. The Daydream Generation was and continues to be many things to many people – a place to discover new music, another revolutionary pocket of resistance to the capitalisation of music & art, a disorganised but well-meaning net-label, and a genuine global community of musicians, artists, songwriters, space cadets, anarchists, street urchins and daydreamers.

What is The Utica Flower Company/Quixodelic Records?

In the secret basement of an imaginary flower shop The Utica Flower Company meet. We are a global collective of revolutionary minds (just like yours), making music, trading ideas, and writing about the songs and sounds that we love. Our Quixodelic Records are all available for free download at the DOWNLOAD link at the top of the site. There is no unique genre, with records that cover folk, psychedelic, pop, experimental, electronic, shoegaze and “other”. Some of these are beautifully lo-fi, while others are inspiring DIY home recordings. We hope you like what you hear.

How do you get involved?

If you’re a musician, band or songwriter interested in appearing on future Daydream Generation compilations, getting involved with Quixodelic Records, or getting your own music reviewed, then please feel free to email us at quixodelic@gmail.com with information about where we can hear what you do – likewise if you’ve got any questions about any of the projects then we’ll happily try to answer them. This strange little corner of the internet is a hive of activity beyond the serene surface of your computer screen so if you don’t hear back straight away then don’t worry, we’ll try our very best to get in touch with you as quickly as we can.

Who are Cozy Home Records?

Cozy Home is our big brother/sister site based in Utica NY – it is the home of many of the artists you hear on our compilations and well worth checking out at www.cozyhomerecords.com – although the two projects exist independently, we sing from the same page and collaborate whenever we can since “there is strength in numbers”. Without the Cozy Home there would have been no Daydream Generation and subsequently no Utica Flower Company or Quixodelica – it’s as simple as that.