Bobby On “The Passionate Misunderstanding”

“The Passionate Misunderstanding”

That’s what I should have called “Hugs and Smiles”. It was a phrase uttered by my good friend Alan while talking indirectly about a situation that was happening in my life at the time, the gory details of which I have only shared with one other person. This situation was well documented in, though at times obscured by the language of the lyrics in most of the songs on “Hugs and Smiles”. I was too chickenshit to call that album “The Passionate Misunderstanding”. I though that the person that I wrote most of the songs about would find it offensive… Or something. I honestly regret that decision, and have ever since I put out my last album.

And so this EP, I guess, is about regret. These are fragments of a bygone era that I have been trying to revisit ever since learning how to write rock songs.

War In Space was recorded in Mom’s Basement sometime in 2000 or so. Trying like hell to emulate Beat Happening, this was the first song I ever recorded that had lyrics (more precisely, the first song that I had the balls to actually sing on).

Front Porch/Cars Passing was recorded sometime in 1999 in my bedroom. Originally called “A Misguided Attempt At A Wednesday”, I had an idea to put out a 7-song EP, writing and recording one song a day for a week. I lost interest on Thursday, the intro of which mistakenly (but fortunately) can be heard fading out at the end of this song.

Light 100s is a direct and unabashed reaction to discovering Sonic Youth. If reading into SY’s genesis, one will inevitably become familiar with at least the name Glenn Branca, as two of the members were regular contributors to his performances. After reading about Branca’s multi-guitar symphonies, and before ever hearing a note that the man recorded, I wrote this song, comprised of 12 guitar tracks recorded on my little four track. I attempted a cigarette-themed album called “Camel: The Album”. This is the only surviving piece.

What A Day is about feeling stuck, bored, and lonely. One winter I found myself drunk, missing my friends, disgusted with society and desperately needing to get laid. And there you have it.

My Dreams Are Boring:  I don’t dream. And when I do dream, mostly it’s about regular, everyday shit. I lived through a period of time around 2004 or so when I dreamed every night and had an almost constant and unshakable feeling of de-ja-vu. So I wrote this song, which really is not about that specifically. That’s just the inspiration.

Requiem For My Puppy Dog:  One night in 1999 or so (maybe 2000, but no later), I found my dog Pepper lying on the floor, breathing heavily. I couldn’t get her up to walk and knew that she wouldn’t make it through the night. I couldn’t deal with it, so I convinced myself that she was just tired and went to bed. I woke up and found Pepper dead the next morning, and realized that her last moments were spent alone and terrified because I chose to ignore my own intuition. I buried her in the back yard, and wrote this song immediately afterward. I’ll never regret anything more than going to bed that night, and still cry when I think about it.

They’ll Be Here Soon (Full Moon):  This is an account of a booze-soaked, acid-influenced freakout that happened a few years ago with my friends. One night on a full moon, we decided (as we have in the past and will in the future), to go up to the Valley View Golf Course in Utica, NY and howl (literally). The Real Burnouts had been doing this since they were kids, and I had only accompanied everyone a few times before this night. I brought my tape recorder, and got whatever I could on tape (I’m the one who tried to push the bench over, but found that it was bolted to the ground). The fact that the recording ended up underneath all that backwards music is the result of not knowing what the fuck else to do with the sounds… I thought it was just what the song needed after playback.

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