• 08.28.14
    J. Schnitt – Speaking Esperanto COZY HOME, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download: I love it when someone pours their heart completely into a record, leaving absolutely nothing behind. Utica's J Schnitt is one of those someones. Some of you might know him as the talented guitarist who has been playing live with The Real Burnouts over the last few years, others might know him as a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has produced a whole raft of albums available on his Bandcamp page. "Speaking Esperanto" was the first time I'd heard him, a 13-track album of near flawless alternative folk-rock anthems that sounded like a greatest hits compilation. It's unashamedly American, occasionally imbued with the ...
  • 05.31.13
    The Real Burnouts – Blasting The Fadeout COZY HOME, RELEASES, REVIEWS, THE REAL BURNOUTS | Comments Off
    THE REAL BURNOUTS - Blasting The Fadeout Download/listen: Close your eyes. The The Real Burnouts are babbling on about their tour of Rongovia. Somebody sounds like Woody Allen on some serious drugs. Here, have you met them yet? There's the one playing bass that looks like he is about to topple drunk off the stage, the dude on guitar (Pete Townsend's little brother only without the questionable internet browsing history), the bearded conductor singing words in your native tongue that you should, but don't understand, all the while beating the war drums, and there's the guy in the background dressed like a Yeti. ...
  • 03.29.13
    Download it at: Hey, what the f**k is going on? First we get the coldest March in 50 years, then apparently they find traces of life on Pluto, and now we have another Dead Canaries album, only 7 months after arguably the most underrated record in human history (Bird Peach) was released? To get to the bottom of this mystery, the DG asked our finest (see also "only") roving rogue reporter (a.k.a "me") to download "For A Warmer Winter" and track down the elusive conductor of the Dead Canaries, one Mr. Jon Fink, to find out what all the fuss is about. DG: ...
  • 11.12.12
    Dead Canaries – “Bird Peach” COZY HOME, DEAD CANARIES, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download: Ah Jon Fink, Jon Fink, Jon Fink. Like a grizzly and slightly mad, but not quite mad enough to be unlovable, 21st century superheroic musical Robin Hood, missing since early 2010, he pops up suddenly in the middle of an epic culminating battle sequence on the outskirts of the little village, his merry band of Dead Canaries, scattered here, there, and everywhere somewhere behind him. I've spoken many times about my admiration of Jon and what he does, so I'll not go over old ground, but "Who are these merry little helpers?" I hear you ask. Well, to be honest, I don't ...