• 08.19.14
    Lenn9o9n – Distant Shores DAYDREAM GENERATION, LENN9O9N, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download for free: Uncle Dave told me to quit with the weird reviews where I attempted to "experience" the record I was listening to and instead focus on the recording itself. "People don't have time to wade through pages and pages of nonsensical prose, they want you to get to the point at hand, tell them what the album is, a bit of blurb about the artist, what you think of it, and where they can get it. They don't want to hear about how I took over the world or the pointy headed man's parents or any of that other ...
  • 11.28.13
    Sonoriferous Simon Piler SIMON PILER | Comments Off
    "Sonoriferous Simon Piler" by Simon Piler and The Atom Band Free download: sonoriferous-simon-piler Pining for some Simon Piler? Well pine no more. After two years radio silence, everybody's favourite noumenologist is back with a shiny new album full of experimental scratchy heart-warming folk songs that sound like they were recorded in a log cabin at the top of a snowy mountain. Possibly because they were. There is much to love, including the wonderful "truth" (co-written with Brendon Hertz) and the excellent instrumental "savor/thoth", and like all good Simon Piler downloads, there's a nifty future tea-stained lyric and picture booklet for you to print ...
  • 08.08.13
    Free download: Having previously impressed us with two original one-man-acoustic-rock-soundscapes, 2007's self-titled and 2008's much loved "Stratum", Warchalking seemingly vanished from our airwaves. Now, five years on, he's back, and this time he's got a backing band behind him. The driving forces behind the songs are the same - sagacious wordsmithery for the mind and boozy guitar riffs for the body - but the volume has been cranked up to the maximum. Essentially this set-up sounds like potential fulfilled, foot to the floor, windows down, squeezing every last drop of daydreamer gasoline from the tank. It could quite conceivably have been ...
  • 05.31.13
    The Real Burnouts – Blasting The Fadeout COZY HOME, RELEASES, REVIEWS, THE REAL BURNOUTS | Comments Off
    THE REAL BURNOUTS - Blasting The Fadeout Download/listen: Close your eyes. The The Real Burnouts are babbling on about their tour of Rongovia. Somebody sounds like Woody Allen on some serious drugs. Here, have you met them yet? There's the one playing bass that looks like he is about to topple drunk off the stage, the dude on guitar (Pete Townsend's little brother only without the questionable internet browsing history), the bearded conductor singing words in your native tongue that you should, but don't understand, all the while beating the war drums, and there's the guy in the background dressed like a Yeti. ...