• 11.09.12
    The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) – Pretend to be Proud COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download/listen: Feels like a long while since anything new issued from planet Fig Mints (of Your Imagination), so it's always welcome to hear from Bobby Rogan, master of self-deprecating philosophic wordsmithery and psychedelic-punk guitar riffs. After checking, I see we got two full albums in May 2009 - the cacophonous hazy highly-strung romp that was "Say Okay" and the much looser, rapidly recorded "Songs For My Friends and Those Girls", so yip, this 5-track EP "Pretend To Be Proud", a taster of an imminent full-length record, is like a bus bang on schedule on a shitty rainy day. One of these days I'm ...
  • 05.19.11
    The Fig Mints COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, RELEASES | (1)
    So that's where he's been! Having suitably blown everyone away with last year's whirlwind 'Exercises In Futility', Bobby Rogan and THE Fig Mints are back with not one, but TWO records - 'Say Okay' and 'Songs For My Friends & Those Girls'. 'Say Okay' has been at the mastering stage for quite some time, so I've already had a sneak preview and a review will follow. Needless to say it is very good and a little bit different from previous Figs. 'Songs...' on the other hand has fallen from the sky as unexpectedly as a tiny meteor and is available for ...
  • 01.26.11
    It’s Official – Fig Mints (Still Alive) COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, UPDATES/NEWS | (3)
    Oooooooh - nice cover! Plucked fresh from - Bobby updates on the new record and other undertakings: Don’t count the Fig Mints out! Say Okay has been hung up in tracking and mixing for the better part of 2010, but it’s finally done! Mastering and duplicating are the only tasks left at hand, and barring any cataclysmic event, release is slated for March of this year. Keep yr eyes on this space for further details. In other news, there are two more Figs albums in the works this year; one of which will probably see the light of day before the summer, ...
  • 08.19.10
    Motorpsychos Rocketships Fig-Mints and some Phantom Blues FIG MINTS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | (1)
    It's August and here's a bumper bonanza of records, all scratching different itches for the price of a mouse-click. You can download them for FREE over at THE MONDO-CITY MOTORPSYCHOS Variable Lag EP This little gem fell into my hands while I was putting Daydream Generation 9 together. Here's what I managed to dig up on these guys: "The MCMP hail from Las Vegas where they were chucked out of the casino circuit fore playing too sleazy. They now frequent bars at the less profitable end of the strip where their brand of garage'y 60's R&B is both appreciated and reviled." FIG MINTS (OF YOUR IMAGINATION) We ...