• 10.25.12
    Impaled Peach: “Snug Rungs” IMPALED PEACH, RELEASES, REVIEWS | (4)
    Free download: After 2010's eclectic collection of infectious lo-fi psych-pop songs "Helicobbler", and 2011's adventurous and accomplished 17-track self-titled debut, The Impaled Peach aka E. A. Bartholomew aka Ed, is back with a 7-song mini-album called, "Snug Rungs", so nifty and fitting a title that if you chant it over and over under your breath, it just about turns into a palidrome reflected in a circus mirror. As you can see, the cover art is leafy to look at, like that Animal Collective record, but without the migraine-inducing effects, and yes it hints at the folksy, natural rhythms that you will ...
  • 10.03.11
    Impaled Peach – Physical Copies IMPALED PEACH, RELEASES | Comments Off
    Just a quick note to say that you can now purchase a CD copy of 'Impaled Peach' here: Here's what Ed has to say about it - "This is a CD that looks like a peach. Every time you stick it on a CD nub, you'll be impaling a peach! It comes in a hand-assembled cardboardy slipcase that is 100% probably made from trees, so you know it's good! It also has a hi-res print of the album cover glued on the front, which is good because that's exactly where the album cover belongs. But wait, there's more: it has a ...
  • 07.26.11
    Impaled Peach – Impaled Peach IMPALED PEACH, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download: It's been a while so you know this must be important. Remember Impaled Peach and his 'Helicobbler' EP from early last year? 8 songs of melancholy pop goodness, oddities thrown together in the shape of a record, completely unplanned and yet brilliantly coherent. Well this time he's only gone and done it again, but full-album length this time around, a staggering 17 track masterpiece, completely unplanned and yet... if this record wasn't designed to fall together like this, then it really should have been. Design is the key to describing what Ed (the guy behind the music) does. Songs are ...
  • 04.14.10
    download: [download#57#nohits] Listen to Same Mistake and Catch Us: [audio:] This record has been floating around on CLLCT for a couple of months now, so you may have already had the pleasure of hearing it. Me, I waited for a bit of breathing space before feeding it into my ears. I wanted to wait for a gap so as I could give it my full attention, really because I felt like it deserved nothing less. Of course I'd already heard the excellent and lyrically complex 'Ilium Bromide' on DG7, and been completely knocked out by the simply beautiful uke song 'Psycholicopter' on DG8 ...