• 04.15.11
    Uberfuzz.. Live Now!! QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | Comments Off Ever wished you could go and get your head frazzled by the one and only Uberfuzz, but you can't because they live in Rugby, and that's like... thousands of miles away from wherever you are? Well now, through the power of free digital downloads you can (sort of) be there. Just follow the link, grabbing classic Uberfuzz tracks like 'Epistle to a Wayward Mother' and 'Oh, Child' on your way, close your eyes and imagine you are there while Paul and Kelly do all the work. Believe me, it really works!
  • 03.29.11
  • 01.07.11
    Rocketships of Love – UFC Space Soundtrack (Book 2) QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | Comments Off
    Download it for free here: Listen to it here: Rocketships of Love - UFC Space Soundtrack (Book 2) by quixodelicrecords We make our way up to the Recording Studio. Whirrping, Clankzap, Thumpslash, and Rattlerattle seem to have the biblical flood in the Quixodelic garden under control, and are busy fastening down some translucent insulation panels in a tunnel around the collapsed aft mast, effectively cutting off the garden from the rest of the ship. ‘Any idea what caused the flood?’ I ask them as we step from the mast onto the sodden corridor outside the Recording Studio. ‘Clankzap’ says Clankzap. ‘Clankzap ...
  • 08.19.10
    Motorpsychos Rocketships Fig-Mints and some Phantom Blues FIG MINTS, QUIXODELIC RECORDS, RELEASES, UBERFUZZ | (1)
    It's August and here's a bumper bonanza of records, all scratching different itches for the price of a mouse-click. You can download them for FREE over at THE MONDO-CITY MOTORPSYCHOS Variable Lag EP This little gem fell into my hands while I was putting Daydream Generation 9 together. Here's what I managed to dig up on these guys: "The MCMP hail from Las Vegas where they were chucked out of the casino circuit fore playing too sleazy. They now frequent bars at the less profitable end of the strip where their brand of garage'y 60's R&B is both appreciated and reviled." FIG MINTS (OF YOUR IMAGINATION) We ...