These are the bands and artists who originally contributed to Daydream Generation compilations and have gone on to release their records through QUIXODELIC RECORDS. This is a download-only label and all of our records are FREE in the hope that they might reach the right ears. All of the bands featured are UNSIGNED – some see it as a vehicle to bigger and better things, some simply as something fun, and others are completely bewildered about how they ended up here in the first place. All of the Quixodelic Records are available at the DOWNLOAD link at the top of this site – from lo-fi folk to psychedelic rock, and indie pop to experimental electronic soundscapes there is hopefully a little  something there for everyone.



Simon Piler is a human being. He is also an experimental folk musician and poet living/humming on the reddish brown to reddish orange, unconsolidated to poorly consolidated, fine to very coarse grained, clean to clayey sands of central florida. His father travels long distances to see rare hummingbirds. His mother taught him how to hang dry wall and to can very salty pickles. His kid brother can put him into a headlock as easy as one would intake a breath into the lungs.

Asked while brushing teeth: “I’ve driven in a chariot harnessed to cloud dogs, sweeping over the pine barrens and sweet-fern ditches and picking songs,” he says. “I mean, this is reality, right? This is science.”

Simon: “I’m never sure if my mind is made up or not. If it is, made up must have a dual meaning.”




“I trust you will have a look-see and a peek-a-boo and other-hyphenated-activities because that is, in the end, what you’re here for. Even if it’s not, give it a try. I don’t mind if you laugh. That is a perfectly acceptable reaction” – Becky

Becky N writes poem songs and sing them over finger-picked guitar or accordion lines. She does all this with a microphone tied to her hair.




For those who aren’t familiar, the concept of warchalking is simple. In the pioneer days of wireless networks, large corporate buildings would have private networks running all through them. Hackers would systematically exploit the security, then explain what kind of security was in place to other hackers that came by through a simple form of symbols not unlike hobo glyphs in chalk on the side of said building. I love the idea of systematically tapping at things hidden, things other people can use, busting through the red tape and leaving maps for anybody who cares to go back in. I’ve used a lot of these routes left by other miners looking for truth or at least a differing opinion than what’s on the table. So the project became titled Warchalking; its all symbols and maps that point the way to more information. Some of it may be penultimate truths, some may be psychobabble bullshit. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it may be, its honest if nothing else, because I don’t know how to do this any other way.




KALEIDONAUTS is an international musical collaboration exchanging files across the Atlantic ocean to make folky psychedelic pop songs for the fun of it. Originating from a previous attempt at creating a Daydream Generation collective recording project, they have released two records – “I Do Not Currently Own A Spaniard (Mine Died)” (May 2008) and “Tigermouse” (September 2008). A third long-lost record called “K2″ may or may not exist. Kaleidonauts include Smally (songs, vox, instruments), Jon of The Atom (production, instruments, vox), Warchalking (production, songs, instruments, vox), Jane Gilmore (vox), Katie Saul (vox), Meghan Geiss (rhythm), Wind-Powered Rebekah (banjo), Tim Kotch (trumpet), Tim Schram (drums), Becky N (vox) and The Pirate Pipsqueak Band.




Jon of The Atom is impossible to put into any boxes. His music is consistently unpredictable, songs that waltz and bounce back and forth between your headphones, going from rolling Indie rock to spaced out folk to experimental sounds of things you feel but can’t quite put into words and further. From time to time I put his albums on to fill some space in my brain – Atomic Music (2004), Holy Zombie Jesus (2005), My Life In Groton (2006), and An “Off” Day For The Jews Harp Christmas Caroler (2006) – I always find something I’d never noticed before, a complicated line simply put, or a clarinet that sounds like it has broken free from the band, like Radiohead playing Motown, or the ghost of Woody Guthrie rushing for and missing his bus.

DEAD CANARIES is the name of his latest musical escapade and if anything, the delphian mad musical professor is sounding even more unpredictably brilliant, orchestrating a miniature collective of singers and musicians to push experimental pop sounds as far as they will go.




One former part of The Sweetcorns and Tramp Attack, one half of Dirty Ticket, and just about all of James Redmond, James Redmond is a singer-songwriter from the sunny side of Liverpool. When he’s not writing madly diggable two-minute synth fuck-abouts, he is writing two-minute epic little songs about love and life and everything inbetween.





Originally from Nottingham, but now living near London, FailedSitcom is something of a rare musical gem. His songs are finely-tuned collages of the finer spontaneous elements of folk pop and electronic hip-hop, brought to life with gently chanted rhymes and glimmering with instruments like glockenspiels and ukuleles. With two brilliant little EPs to his name, a steadily growing fanbase, and hopefully more to come, this guy is why it’s worth just stumbling around the internet in search of musical gems. Sam himself describes his musical aspirations as “the seamless use of samples alongside traditional instruments, and to make the experimental easily accessible”. If he’s not already there, then he’s well on his way.




not one comes before the other. seldom times misplacing my taste, i wishfully think. ill conceived at other times, i put your tears on my face. strictly law abiding, i jokingly conform in the distortion. let me melt those things you don’t understand. you’re terrific. let’s share a reflection, and make nice.

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Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) is some guy named Bobby Rogan. An often seen name within the Cozy Home collective based in Utica, NY, USA, he’s been involved in such bands as Euro Language Abusive, Electric City Subway, Plural Noun, and of course, the legendary Fucking Flame. When not playing someone else’s songs, he prefers to write his own, for what it’s worth. He started writing songs out of boredom while working as a janitor, and since then has recorded five albums of original material, mostly inspired by drugs, drinks, and of course, girls. Sprinkle a little self-loathing in there, and you get what you hear. While his talents as a musician are amateurish, at best, his ability to churn out album after album to little or no reaction whatsoever is inspiring to every indie-rock throwback this side of the Atlantic. We could all learn a lesson from Bobby, this living testament to doing what you want to do for yourself, despite an overwhelming body of evidence pointing to the probability that you’re wasting your time. What that lesson is, is anyone’s guess. Suggestions are welcome.



JANE GILMORE is something of a secret superstar. Anyone who has ever heard her sing on Dead Canaries or Kaleidonauts records no doubt knows she’s got an incredible voice. Well, it gets better, because not only can she sing the hairs on the backs of your arms to attention, but she can writes quite incredible songs too. Have a listen to “Priorities” and tell me I’m wrong. The first time I heard it, it blew me away, and it’s been blowing me away every since. Humanly biographical, soulfully kooky, and intelligently original, her first album “Knowledge Is Dangerous” is a lo-fi acoustic folk lyrical masterpiece, and she says that another album is slowly but surely on its way.



I’m new to tumblr, but not to music.  My music is free, from my heart to yours.


The Loaded Whispers are a creative collective which formed in Dublin Ireland in 2004 comprising of Syd Lane and Jeremiah James. Syd Lane is the driving force behind the band writing, arranging, recording, and performing all of the music. Jeremiah James is a poet who joined Syd when she started creating melodies around his words.

In October 2008, The Loaded Whispers got to open for Mercury Rev. To date, Syd has remained somewhat of an enigma preferring to write and record songs in her home studio than play many gigs.

In 2009 she began releasing solo material as CHANSONS DE GESTE and in her own name. Whatever title she chooses to release her records under, they are invariably psychedelic pop brilliance, with soaring vocals soaked in reverb singing confessional songs that could melt even the hardest of hearts.




motherBIRD is now gathering her children.
Come nestle in my nest, it is warm in here.
I love you dear.





The Falling Floors are a group of musicians in and around Manchester. When they record, it’s usually just one or two of them. When they play live there are usually four or five of them. One time there was seven or eight of them, but that still wasn’t enough. They mostly listen to music recorded in the 1960′s, and therefore make experimental pop records. When they play live there is more ‘experimental’ than ‘pop’.




Uberfuzz is an art project rather than just a run-of-the-mill rock n’ roll outfit. Many of the songs seem designed by building layers of sound. Very few of the compositions are pre-conceived and even less turn out the way they were envisioned during conception… good. Uberfuzz changes and people come and go in but I hope its purpose will remain true to what it was intended for… something different. A re-visit to some slightly askew memory, or an eye opener to askew memories and future days to come. Uberfuzz carries with it a long line of musical direction and inspiration that will be clear to some on the first listen, or be a magical mystery to others. It draws from such important eras as the Delta Mississippi blues of the 30’s and 40’s and the folk storytelling of Cisco Houston and Huddie Ledbetter. Contemporary enactments of this style of music are clear in the ghostly slide-guitar licks n’ twangs on many Uberfuzz compositions (often emulating Ry Cooder’s score of ‘Paris/Texas’). Jazz and free-jazz is clearly apparent in some of the musical ventures. The un-bound cosmic space licks of Sun Ra and the improvised discipline of John Coltrane texture a large part of the Uberfuzz ethic. The avant-garde space epic of ‘Your Love Tends to Leave Me in Orbit’ also shows a musical relationship with Can and Captain Beefheart. The 60’s vibe plays an important part also. Whether it be in the form of instrumental groups, such as the soul crunch of Booker T. & the MG’s (on such tracks as ‘Interstellar Shakin’), or the film-score twang of the Shadows or John Barry. Anyone familiar with the garage rock movement of that same decade (do ‘Nuggets’ or ‘Pebbles’ ring any bells?) should pick up on a long time connection to its roots. On top of all these building blocks of yester-year are more modern emulations. Wholly apparent in the spirit of minimalist or post-psyche drone rock groups like Suicide, Spacemen 3 and Loop. These factors are combined to make something satisfactory and exciting, both artistically and conceptually. Uberfuzz is more than the product of a love affair with music…

…Uberfuzz is an idea.




“My peach ih impaled!” cried Edward Alan Bartholomew, his mouth having been savagely ravaged by the dastardly dentist’s drugs. His tongue was no longer of his employ. It began writing and recording tunes, many of which had long been buried under the dense drapery of drivel: “Hey,” “Pretty good,” “See ya.” Now his mouth has a chance to say what it really wants.





My name is David, and my wife Emily helps out as well.

Strong influences include electric but tranquil dntel, raw and organic slits, and DIY sound of solex/of montreal

and of course the beatles and velvet underground, among countless others…




The Orange Drop are a New Jersey/New York fusion formed in 2007, Will and Marc singing and playing guitar, Ben on drums, and John on bass and keys. Named after a potent batch of you know what that tasted like oranges, they dabble in 60s inspired psychedelia with a modern twist and cool pop hooks. Drawing on influences such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, they have released 3 records including “The Orange Album” available for download via Quixodelic Records. After temporarily exploding in a spectral shower of orange sparks, they are back and no doubt recording a 4th record they believe might someday make them “the best band in America” (and probably the world).





What do we know about Brendon Hertz?

He’s from Wisconsin. He writes songs from almost every genre known to humankind – folk, acoustic, reggae, jazz, electronic, experimental and spoken word poetry. He’s one part of The Atom Band. And he’s great.

But I can’t find him anywhere on the internet except here:





The Wheelies are in trouble. They cant play their instruments properly. They are so wasted they are incapable of operating even the most basic recording equipment. They are too paranoid to play live. They cant find a Ringo that fits. Their singer keeps jumping out of trees in his pants and quitting the band. Their lead guitarist has developed a phobia of guitars. Their bassist is incapacitated with a serious case of sand in his eye. Moppy is possessed and lost in transit. They have a band member who doesnt even know he is a band member. Bob Dylan wont return their phone calls. In a nutshell, they are totally fucked. All thats left for you to do is sook the bools, find a comfortable position far enough away from the fall-out zone, and listen while the whole thing falls spectacularly to pieces.