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So here we are, at The End.

Nearly four years ago when this little project started I really thought that the possibilities were limitless. Nine compilations, hundreds of songwriters, and thousands of minutes of music later, I still haven’t given up on the idea that mix-tapes can save the world. Just they won’t be my mix-tapes.

But before we go, here’s a penultimate collection of 38 tracks, some new, some old, some fragile, some bold, some voices and sounds you will recognise from compilations before, and a few who are new for your listening pleasure. Daydream Generation 10 is the usual two-disc curious assortment of lo-fidelity musical oddities. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to find:

ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND HOSPITAL ATTACK FORCE going melodically insane on the brilliantly titled ‘Let’s Perpetual Camera’ from the forthcoming album ‘Positives’. If this guy isn’t the future of DIY psychedelia then strike me down with a bolt of lightning. Nope, no lightning. As I suspected.

BE BOLD BRAVE ROBOT are the sort of band who make me reconsider throwing in the towel every time I listen to their inventive pop masterpiece ‘Take A Deep Breath’. There are few occasions when you hear a band for the first time and know implicitly that you are going to love everything that they do. This is one of those bands.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get round to listening to NICK FRAELICH’s music. A heady collision of experimental electronic folk sounds and surrealist pop, ‘The Meta-Song’ is a track that slaps you in the face and demands to know why you haven’t discovered it sooner. Absolutely fucking magic.

Anyone who has been here before doesn’t need to be reminded how much I love the music of Syd Lane. ‘Astride A Grave’ is taken from thee album of 2010, ‘It Begins In Beauty’, recorded under the moniker of CHANSONS DE GESTE. We have a lot of great records in the Quixodelic Record Store, but this one is truly something astonishingly special with it’s soaring vocals, simple melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. And of all the great songs on it, this one is possibly my favourite.

IMPALED PEACH returns with ‘Autumntide’, a carefully polished slice of self-recorded psychedelic pop. This is the sort of guy fledgling musicians should set out trying to emulate for clarity and inventiveness of recording, capturing the dark psych of Olivia Tremor Control and combining it with soulful Cohen-esque tones. You’d expect nothing less really.

THE ANTELOIDS are the reincarnation of The Sound who were featured on Daydream Generation No9. Several years on and the development is quite stunning, the lo-fi Spiritualized influenced sounds of the past making way for a more polished high octane sonic assault on your eardrums, as shown here on the aptly named ‘Invasion of the Cosmic Monsters’.

Singing from a similar psychedelic hymn sheet, THE CURIOUSLY STRONG PEPPERMINTS return to the DG comps with ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle’. As much as I loved their first album (Endless Fields of Poppy), if this is anything to go by, then up and coming ‘Echoes From The Ultraviolet Fuzz’ (spring 2011, Sunshine Cortex Records) is upping the ante. Undoubtedly influenced by The Flaming Lips, the brains behind the band Mr. Soniclovenoize Jesse Miller promises that this is one of the more mellower tracks with the band going for a more noise-pop live-sounding feel.

Another psychedelic band with a big record on the way is THE RED PLASTIC BUDDHA. Having heard several tracks from ‘All Out Revolution’, it is safe to say that Tim Ferguson & Co are covering just about every version of psych-pop-rock imaginable, adding their own accomplished sounds to transport you back forty-three years and two seasons ago to the summer of love. And you’re all invited.

PHASETRON are a new name on the Daydream Generation and I can’t tell you much about them. What I can tell you is that their contribution ‘ For The Cape’, produced by the elusive W in Cape Girardeau, is nothing short of mind-blowing. It takes a talent, or a group of talented individuals to make guitar-pop sound original and quite unlike anyone else, but these guys have somehow managed it.

ALLAN DOUGLAS returns to the DG with a live version of ‘Pacifico’ from 2008′s much lauded album ‘Lipstick Pickup’. If anything, the live version so different from its polished studio version, that it might as well be a different song. Think Johnny Cash with an ability to hit the high notes playing country-blues on the run from the cops. That there were no amphetamines consumed during the making of this song is beyond me. It’s fierce.

You just never know what you are going to get with THE ORANGE DROP. Sometimes it is psychedelic bomb songs dropped on your head from twenty thousand feet, other times it is shoegaze walls of sound surrounding your ears in the equivalent of a musical ambush. ‘Ginger Girl’ is a softer, more studious side, complete with the predictably unpredictable fuzzy guitar sounds and mind-expanding melodies. It’s a weird old world we live in when The Orange Drop sound this sane.

There are several bands called ROLLERCOASTER out there, but there is only one who can make you feel like the Jesus And Mary Chain are alive and well and playing on through the generations. ‘Happy’ is… surprise, surprise a happy pop song from Helter Skelter, something a little bit different from the usual high energy psychedelic anthem we’ve come to expect, but still recognisable as the band we’ve grown to dig.

Here’s a new project called HONEYDRUM. This first glimpse of this band, a dark but oddly poppy track called ‘Don’t Worry About Boys’ suggests that there is plenty to get excited about. You can check out their web page at and get information about soon to be released cassettes at

The lovely Norman Chaplin, curator of the monthly ‘A Pile of Lo-Fi‘ compilations is not a one-trick pony. Not only does he have an ear and energy to put together such a brilliant project, but he also moonlights as LUNO, purveyor of anti-folk lo-fi experimental pop. ‘Dog Perspective’ on DG9 was such a cracking original little tune, and ‘Blank Slate’ is more of the same, a previously unreleased spoken word electronic ditty that deserves a home between your ears.

Appearing on a Daydream Generation comp for the first time, GHOSTS give us ‘Song For Disappearing’. Ben says that this is a song recorded in his old apartment on the outskirts of Paris last winter ‘about finding some new place that feels like home, and the exciting planning stages that precede such an escape’. It’s a catchy track, a mixture of electronic energy and intimate vocals that make this band well worth checking out.

Definitely definitely the last record I’ll ever make, ‘King’s Short Memory’ is the first of (hopefully) an album worth of tracks from THE PAINTED SHUTS. I owe a lot to Paul Burnout and were it not for him there would undoubtedly have been no more Wheelies recordings after ‘Oh Happiness’, and subsequently no Daydream Generation. I’ve worked with a lot of very talented people over the years, but collaborating on music with Paul has always been the easiest. Going by previous Painted Shuts recordings, we always start out in first gear, so it will get better. IF I can find that keyboard jack.

From The Painted Shuts to THE UTICA FLOWER COMPANY. Once upon a time they were one and the same thing, but now with the release of ‘The Utica Flower Company 2.0′ they are more like two bubbles within a bubble within a bubble. I’m very proud of being involved in this record and though it may not pack the punch of some other albums I’ve worked on, there is a whole iceberg of word-thoughts beneath every track. ‘Daydreamer Gasoline’ is W at his finest, stuck on an inflatable Ark on an infinite ocean and drying out from a fictional drug addiction.

There is a holy trinity of DEAD CANARIES tracks. ‘Ghost In A Photograph’ is one. ‘Bird Peach’ is another. Both have previously been featured on compilations I’ve put together. ‘Something’ is the third, and finally I’ve persuaded Jon of the Atom to let me use it. From the truly brilliant ‘Something Else’ in 2009, Katie Saul belts out a modern folk-anthem that even Jon himself can’t quite believe he wrote. One of my favourite songs ever.

You know FIG MINTS (OF YOUR IMAGINATION)? Bobby Rogan, master of the two minute musically-upbeat-lyrically-downbeat guitar-pop anthem? Well think again. ‘We Love You’ is the first single from imminent Fig Mints record ‘Say Okay’. It’s a noisy return to the sounds of the brilliant ‘Bad Choice Brigade’, only chugging under extra squalls of shoegaze sonic feedback. Something tells me that whatever he is making over on that side of the puddle is going to be epic.

Oh LENN9O9N… As the last DG comp fades out I will forever be haunted by the fact that he wouldn’t let me use the irresistible lo-fi ‘Nina’s Paw Got Stuck’. Three times I have asked him and three times he’s hawed telling me that the song in question is rubbish. Thankfully he has made up for it three times with tracks like ‘Treat It Like A Joke/Fan In Waiting’ – two songs for the price of one. An abandoned opening track for a solo record that is presently sitting on a back burner while he cooks up something special with Zakk Zielke, this is the aptly named Lenn9o9n at his very, very best.

It’s an honour and a pleasure to see Pierre aka CARTON SONORE return with an unreleased track from 2008 called ‘Dehors Il Fait Froid !’ (that’s ‘Outside It’s Cold’). A bustling cinematic instrumental, it’s the perfect music for staggering around in the snow, full of clacking clicking instruments, organs and what sounds like an accordion. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but either way I fucking love it.

A developing birthday tradition in the FAILEDSITCOM family, this song was written and recorded for his sister. You just can’t help but feel happy listening to Sam’s careful interweaving of hip-hop and folk-pop, murmured vocals, shimmering melodies, fluttering beats. Long may the birthday tradition continue!

So having recently fallen completely in love with DRESSED LIKE WOLVES’ ‘I Could Walk On Water, But I’d Rather Part The Sea’ (number one contender for my favourite album of 2010), it is a privilege to feature one of Rick’s demos on another DG compilation. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for anyone who loves hearing home-made lo-fi magic, then it is a must. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a glockenspiel, and a voice as pure as uncut drugs, ‘Anniversary’ is a welcome addition to the Dressed Like Wolves back-future catalogue.

No longer William Carpenter and the Towering Trees, and just TOWERING TREES, you would be forgiven for wondering what they did with Will. Thankfully he’s still there with his golden voice and observational lyrics, just they shortened the name to make it easier to write/spell/say. ‘Rude Sex’ is as fine as any William Carpenter song, a four-piece band set-up playing an old sixties style riff like a poppier version of The Strokes, and Will doing his thing over the top of it. It’s simply effective.

Finally. JAMES REDMOND has written a Christmas song. Upon completion of  ’Lonely Christmas Time’ at the 11th hour on deadline day, a team of crack commandos immediately removed it from under his nose and zoomed across the rooftops of Liverpool to email it from an internet cafe to me. Obviously it was worth the wait and has been duly added to the Smally family Christmas CD in between Slade and Bing Cosby. And for the 10th consecutive compilation Jay has the honour of being the last song in. Nobody else would get away with it.

‘The Birthday Party’ by THE GODFREY REPORT is another Allan Douglas project, an instrumental track for a film he recorded earlier this year. It’s pretty great stuff – like The Beach Boys on vacation in Nashville orchestrating a wild west themed horror show with guitars and swirling organs. If that doesn’t sell it to you, then nothing will.

SHADOW PUPPETS is a side project of Warchalking’s from several years ago that may or may not ever see the light of day. Seemingly on the operating table now for as long as I’ve known him, occasionally I hear drips and clips but rarely do I get a full song served up on a plate to feast upon. ‘Listen To You’ suggests that the wait might be worth it. Think a song plucked from the first Warchalking album, breaking into the recording studio after dark, hunched over the microphone with a mysterious full band in the shadows behind him. There’s even a guitar solo.

I’m so glad we got VINCENT NIFIGANCE back for a second compilation. With arguably the best record covers and album titles in the business, ‘Transistor’ is from ‘The Self-Fulfilling Secondary Stumbling Prophecy’ (see?). Noise has never sounded as infectious as this, sawing and hammering out a song with a melody that is positively unshakeable. A+++ out of 10.

What can I say about SIMON PILER that I haven’t said somewhere before? This guy has taught me more in the last year and a half than I learned in the nine years post-University before virtually meeting him. He’s a poet, a musician, an artist, and a magician, he was born from a dew drop and has a little theatre inside his chest, he wears a raven magic hat and has a little pointy beard that delights kids on aeroplanes… oh, and he spearheads the Atom Band, as you can hear on the typically folktastic ‘Swing Close To Me’. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

I’ll let Kellan Stover from WINTER PAINTED WHITE do the talking about his music. ‘I’m Kellan Stover. Previously the drummer for General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers before leaving on amicable terms, I now focus on my solo act, Winter Painted White, that had taken the back burner for a while. While still a hobby, and no means my bread and butter (I’m actually an illustrator), I find songwriting and recording a very personal and cathartic process. It sounds contrived to say that I write songs for myself and those close to me, but for the most part it’s true. When your biggest fan is your girlfriend, you know you’re not breaking out or being added to a strangers playlist far, far away.’ Having heard five of his songs including ‘The Traveler And His Worn Out Shoes’ I can safely say that WINTER PAINTED WHITE is one of many really undiscovered gems that are glimmering somewhere out there and his music really deserves more attention.

There’s only so many times you can be told that a band are worth checking out before you make a little space to see what all the fuss is about. THE YATARIS are one of those bands. I’ve lost count of the people who have recommended I check out their daunting double-album ‘Mean Winter/Joyous Praise’ on CLLCT, and I wonder how many people there are like me out there, following the crumbs and still waiting for a space to open up? But if anything is going to kick us into gear then it’s tracks like ‘Africa’ – an acoustic indie pop punk adventure of a song, with one foot in the world of lo-fi and another in a place that is weirdly Yatari. Count myself duly kicked.

‘Everything’ was the last song I recorded as THE WHEELIES, testing out a microphone that I was kindly sent by JOTA to solve the five year problem of hiss. As you can see, it’s a Bright Eyes cover and I neglected to speak the speaking parts because when I talk I sound Scottish and quite silly. I used to sing my kids to sleep with this one until someone put a padlock on the strings of my ukulele and (perhaps deliberately) misplaced the key.

After 15 years THE REAL BURNOUTS have gone digital. Fully expecting to hear some sort of 69-track beast of experimental psychedelia, instead we get ‘Bubble Design Soundproof Machine’ a drum, four-note guitar, strummed chords, and the most beautiful lyrics you could ever imagine piece of musical simplicity and off-the-wall genius. Feeling is believing.

It’s great to finally have a JEREMIAH JAMES poem on a compilation. I’ve heard him read and read his stuff myself many times before and am always blown away by the Blakeian grandeur and consideration of Jer’s words and ideas. ‘Dev And The Tyger’ is one of those real poems of weight and meaning, loaded with observational emotion and as timeless a piece of spoken word poetry as I’ve heard.

Bear with me on this one. ROCKETSHIPS OF LOVE head honcho Paul Le Keux was picked up at a strip club in Rugby at the end of summer and flown into space with a mission to make a soundtrack for the second book of The Utica Flower Company ship adventure. Of all the people I know, he was the only one I could have asked to attempt it. Recruiting the ghosts of Joe Meek and Delia Derbyshire, the three of them have been locked in our Recording Studio ever since making the most incredible full-length space record. ‘Optical-Nerve Nourishment…’ is a track from this record and it is fucking epic. You can hear a selection of tracks from the new ROL at

And to end the last open Daydream Generation compilation we have a guy who has been there from just about the beginning. His name is KEITH RICHARD CRAIN, but you might also know him as Sucks To LaLa Land, and before that River Speak English. As always Keith has contributed a Dylanesque folk-lullaby, this time called appropriately ‘It’s All Over Now’. It was just too beautifully titled and sung to not make it the last ever song.

And with that we’re very nearly done.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this particular compilation together and I will thank everyone at length next week when I put together the final comp.

This mix-tape might not save the world, but I hope you enjoy listening to it all the same.




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