Daydream Generation No9

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Disc One
1 The People (Scotland) – Two Roads
2 Sighrens – Live It Up
3 Insomniatic – Divination and the rest of that whole something
4 James Redmond – Hemlines And Hairstyles
5 Lenn9o9n – Black Light to the Blue World
6 Motherbird – Mathieu
7 J. Schnitt – The White Sheets
8 Zombie Girlfriend Hospital Attack Force – Nemesis Closes The Holocene
9 The Real burnouts – Fires In Hell
10 Luno – Dog (Perspective)
11 Will Weber – Special Secrets
12 The Space Between Things – In The Night Time
13 Uberfuzz – Epistle to a Wayward Mother
14 William Carpenter & The Towering Trees – Calvin
15 Fig Mints (Of Your Imagination) – Peep-Hole
16 The Wheelies – Don’t Twist My Nipples
17 Dressed Like Wolves – Bewitched2
18 Keith Richard Crain – Youv’e got a home
19 Vincent Nifigance – Hug, Hug (Bleuch)

Disc Two
20 The Virgo 9 – End of The Road
21 The Mondo-City Motorpsychos – Pretty Little Picture
22 The Red Plastic Buddha – Soldier Boy
23 Syd Lane – You For Me
24 Frogville – Could
25 The Falling Floors – I’ll Never Change
26 Honeymoon – Crickets Aren’t Awkward
27 Dead Canaries – Peach Jam
28 Garden On A Trampoline – The Tide
29 Impaled Peach – Avalanche
30 The Delfields – I Felt Your Shape
31 FailedSitcom – November 5th, 1992
32 Carton Sonore – Thème 20 (Dérive)
33 Broken Folk – Higher
34 Arnold Gallows – Board the Nark
35 The Hall of Mirrors – Rivers In Your Eyes
36 A Noble Ghost – Black Smoke Rising
37 Handwithlegs – Neck Trunk
38 Venice Gas House Trolley – Brain Cells Are Invisible
39 The Utica Flower Company – Second Garden
40 Becky N – Come Back Over
41 Rollercoaster (UK) – Oh Lord Supersonic Spacerider
42 Simon Piler and The Atom Band – sold for wind

So there was this guy. He was always complaining about having too much music to listen to and not enough time. His inbox was forever jammed with songs people send him, and every other week somebody he liked released a record that demanded numerous minutes of attention. But then one day in July 2010, he realised for the first time in a very long time that he didn’t have anything new to hear. It was a rare and rather tiny window of opportunity, and rather than sitting back and soaking up the silence, he forged forward and sent out some emails, and before he actually knew what was happening, he was back in the hurricane of another Daydream Generation compilation…

Obviously the guy is me and the compilation is this one… No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9 No9… and my inbox is flooded again, and the window is smashed, and my brain has taken a beating like only a DG compilation can administer. Anyone who knows me knows when I say I don’t have enough time, that circumstances dictate that I really should have next to no time at all, so putting this thing together has been a feat of endurance, extremely fast typing, stolen zombified seconds, and just finishing something started. I haven’t even had a chance to reply to all the contributions (we had at least 20+ too many to fit) – but I’ll try and apologise as soon as I can… submissions that didn’t make it onto No9 will roll over onto the next project, be it podcast or compilation.

Thankfully the songs we did have space for more than make up for the missing brain cells and blisters on the tips of typing fingers. Thanks to everyone who helped put this together behind the scenes, especially Paul Le Keux for the cover art. Now usually at this point, here’s where I give a blow-by-blow account of the two discs, telling you how wonderful all the songs are and why you should love them as much as I do; but this time around I’m going to leave it for a few days before I start writing. So for now, you’re just going to have to go and love them all by yourself. Or with some friends. Maybe on an imaginary bus somewhere. Like us. Shit, did I just say ‘imaginary bus’? Somebody stop me… I’m feeling the breeze from another really tiny window of opportunity opening up, and we all know what happened the last time imaginary modes of transportation appeared as a throwaway joke in a babble like this one. Some of us are still recovering from that particular trip. Okay, why are you still reading this? Shoo… go listen to the new compilation. At 233MB it’s a BIG file, but it’s well worth the minutes or hours it’ll take you to download it. And please let us know what you think.




  • On 08.07.10 eabarth said:

    My download says 184.8MB. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • On 08.07.10 eabarth said:

    Yeah, I got an “unexpected end of archive” message upon extraction.

  • On 08.07.10 simonpiler said:

    I get the same error, chaplin.

    “Smally, Smally, help us please!”

  • On 08.07.10 smally said:


  • On 08.07.10 smally said:

    okay I’m onto it, think I can see what the problem is… give me an hour to pretend this never happened and try it again… a bit like getting a flat tyre at the end of the street.

  • On 08.07.10 smally said:

    holy shit, 19 f**ked up downloads, my apologies – currently reuploading it, could take anywhere between 45 mins and an hour

  • On 08.07.10 simonpiler said:

    no worries, man.

    ‘tyre’ – haha, British English! I love stumbling on stuff I never knew like that…

  • On 08.07.10 smally said:

    Um… another hour may be required. Tried reuploading it and it doesn’t seem to be keen on uploads over 200MB. Splitting the discs into two… I mean, pumping up this… this… what the fuck does the rest of the world call a tyre? Not a wheel surely? The wheel is the total sum of parts… then again, we do call a kettle a kettle. I’m confused.

  • On 08.07.10 smally said:


    (I hope)

  • On 08.08.10 bobby said:

    Tire. It’s quite like the phenomenon that makes the word “colour” have that red squiggle underneath it on my monitor to let me know that I’ve misspelled something in American English. Fuck knows why there’s a difference. Downloading now, and can’t wait!

  • On 08.08.10 bobby said:

    Yeah, I still call my kettle a teapot… But anyway I’m greatly glad to know that Dressed Like Wolves is on the comp… And three Utica acts on the first disc! Hey, that’s alright by me.

  • On 08.08.10 bobby said:

    Jesus, could Becky or Redmond ever write a song that’s not as catchy as it is heart wrenching? Is Zombie Girlfriend Hospital Attack Force the next Magnetic Fields? Why did Paul think that my mix of his song was better than the one on this comp??? Who the fuck is Will Weber, and why is his song so good? Why is a Scotsman and (probably) his son singing/screaming in French? Why is there so much quality lost between “Songs From Home” and DG9?? Will these questions ever be answered? Who shot J.R.????? Oh wait… That one’s already answered… Anyway, I’m still only on the first disc! Amazing!!!

  • On 08.08.10 Paul Uberfuzz said:

    I slept in and missed all the technical ‘hoo-hah’. It’s downloading fast and smoothly thanks to my late rising from slumber. I love mediafire….

  • On 08.08.10 Lenn9o9n said:

    uberfuzz bringing that VU guitar sound, love it. and vigo 9, wonderful drum/bass. syd lane, gorgeous as ALWAYS. love the mixing on “peach jam” dead canaries. from impaled peach to broken folk….swoon

  • On 08.09.10 Brendon said:

    I just downloaded DG9, am putting it on my Ipod, and am preparing to have my headphones surgically installed in my ears for the next few days. Thank you.

  • On 08.09.10 beckyn said:

    Can’t believe you managed this so quickly Smally, thanks so much, again… It’s fucking insane how much you do for us! I’m so behind, but somehow I will download this, if it’s the last thing I do!!

  • On 08.09.10 Lenn9o9n said:

    Ok, after 2nd listen…all I can say is Hall of Mirrors <3

  • On 08.10.10 simonpiler said:

    I’ve only really dissolved the first disc; and I’m absolutely crazy about John’s ‘Dizzy’. What a story!

    (Of course I’m also nutty about dreams… but the magnitude of difference between the ‘real world’ and the ‘dream world’ is well depicted, I think. What is most satisfying is that the music perfectly matches the story, sproing-ing and boing-ing all around and finding a perfect little gnomish groove somewhere right in the middle of all the insanity.) Wowza.

    Disc 2, here I come!

  • On 08.18.10 Paul Uberfuzz said:

    Most eclectic DG comp yet. Better than ‘Best of ’08′ and it’s not even a ‘best of’! The People?!? Where the fuck did they come from (Scotland obviously)? That’s some lo-fi country gospel awesomeness.

  • On 12.08.10 daydreamgen said:

    It’s because when America came to write their own dictionary they thought ‘what exactly is that u doing in colour?’ and so and so on.