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  • 11.09.12
    The Fig Mints (of Your Imagination) – Pretend to be Proud COZY HOME, FIG MINTS, RELEASES, REVIEWS | Comments Off
    Download/listen: Feels like a long while since anything new issued from planet Fig Mints (of Your Imagination), so it's always welcome to hear from Bobby Rogan, master of self-deprecating philosophic wordsmithery and psychedelic-punk guitar riffs. After checking, I see we got two full albums in May 2009 - the cacophonous hazy highly-strung romp that was "Say Okay" and the much looser, rapidly recorded "Songs For My Friends and Those Girls", so yip, this 5-track EP "Pretend To Be Proud", a taster of an imminent full-length record, is like a bus bang on schedule on a shitty rainy day. One of these days I'm ...
  • 07.24.09
    The Cardboard Box Set That (Nearly) Never Was COZY HOME, FEATURES | (2)
    The Cardboard Box Set That (Nearly) Never Was Has it really been over two years since I wrote this: PSYCHEDELIC CHRISTMAS... I'll try to make this as brief as possible. After a conversation with Bobby (Fig Mints) I was going to challenge Anton Newcombe (BJM) to an album writing competition - see who could write and record one from scratch in the fastest possible time. Fortunately I checked myself before hitting the send button on the message I tapped out, but I then got to thinking that maybe someone else in the Cozy Home would be up for the same challenge. After speaking ...
  • 03.16.09
    Lamantin COMRADES | (2)
    Check out the very lovely LAMANTIN radio in Hungary Friends of The Cozy Home & other cool music HERE